Curve on Lydia



I tried to add the curve card on Lydia, but it doesn’t seems to work?
Is there anyone who succeeded to add it ?

If not, is it possible for the curve team to solve this ?

Have a nice day,



Hello @dgrandhay,
What message do you receive from Lydia when you try to add your Curve card? Do you know if they support all, or selected cards?


The card got declined, with all my underlayin cards…
I don’t have any info about the card the support :confused:


Have some more info: we don’t currently support Lydia :slightly_frowning_face: However, adding more funding sources is on the Product Roadmap on the Speculative Board.

Thank you for suggesting. Will be interesting to see who else would like to use their Curve with Lydia :smiley:


Hmmm, I wasn’t asking about adding my lydia card in curve, but to use curve in order to top up my lydia account.

Sorry for the misunderstanding :confused:


Ah, okay. Thank you for clarifying :slight_smile:

As far as I know, we aren’t blocking it in any way. In order to investigate why the top up was unsuccessful, could you please click on the transaction in your app and report the problem?


I don’t see the declined transaction on the app :confused:
Is there something to do to show them ?


Their Customer Support team should be able to provide more info. Did you hear back from out team yet?


I didn’t reached out to anyone yet (lack of time) but I can’t see the refused transaction on the curve app.


We will include decline reasons in the future. It’s on the roadmap “Get an enhanced view of all your transactions (including declines) in one place: all the information from your payments, the merchant, Google Places API as well as a central place for all your notifications.”