Curve metal card

Based on this announcement by Monzo, who are looking at metal cards, this will be the end of Curve metal for me, this seems to be a much better thought out way of packaging a product:

Same tbh.

So I think with Curve the idea is attracting lots of big spenders right, while having all of their card spending go through Curve on commercial cards to make a bunch of interchange money.

As such what I’d really like to see is cashback from all Curve merchants to choose from for the same price as the current Metal tier but without all of the insurance and lounge gubbins as quite a few of us are going to already have this either from underlying cards or independently.

In fact Curve could actually complicate our insurance claiming if we had insurance with Curve and separately (proportionate share) and could cost us more depending on excess charges too

As such I’d really like to see just a Curve Metal with just cashback as the focus


From further up:

Why cant we have metal on the back of the card, is it to save money or is there a proper reason for it because my Amex is fully metal

I thought the Amex wasn’t metal on the back either, otherwise NFC wouldn’t work? I think in the USA they used to have full metal but they were non-contactless, which wouldn’t have gone down well elsewhere in the world! Even they are changing though, see

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I didn’t know that, I thought they were full metal. Makes sense for having contactless…

I wouldn’t enjoy my card if it was not contactless

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For the Curve app in other languages than English you can (already) vote (and post) here:


Being totally honest, most of those translations are so bad that I know people who just reverted it back to English or stopped using the service if that was not possible. Especially when dealing with finances you don’t want a bad translation

Where’s the red metal card option gone?

It was a limited edition.

It was a limited edition…I’m amazed it lasted so long!

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I have been a metal user for almost a year and to be honest the £15 per month in my experience since taking it out is purely for the card which just isn’t worth it.

Gadget insurance: Useful i used it once but its not worth the £15 price tag
Lounge access - nice but again included with most other accounts and as curve isnt a bank account it doesnt really do anything for many people
Cashback from 6 retailers - I spend a lot but curve limits actually prevent me spending significant amounts i.e annual train travel etc. This is the area that needs improving, either make the 1% corss market or increase the % because in the last year ive earned maybe £40 in cashback against the £180 cost for the plan is just isn’t worth it. I haven’t cancelled yet as i’m still hoping that there will be significant enhancements made to curve metal subscriptions (and or a price reduction).

Here’s hoping 2020 brings tangible benefits to curve metal.

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Curve metal offering 1% cashback on every transaction would be the better option might not give you all money you spend on subscription but do more to make customers want metal subscription I chose metal for the card and the travel insurance and cashback but to me I think I would gain a little more if it was on all instead of six retailers but that’s a suggestion for the future glad they do ongoing cashback n26 have you a metal card in the UK for hefty charge and no cashback and without warning by end April will have closed all UK accounts down fully result of Brexit or result of n26 mess in Germany who knows

I have no use for the extras over the Blue, but would love the Metal card, 1% on all maybe a bit too much, 0.5% on all, 1% on 9/12 retailers?

or offer 2 different Metal accounts? 1 with the extras over the Blue at current price and 1 with the same features as the Blue, but at a slightly cheaper monthly cost?

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One question here: why is Red Metal not selectable right now? Material issues? Just when I thought I’d upgrade :slight_smile:

Also, does the card have an durability issues?


Pretty sure Red was a limited edition that I guess has now finished…

No issues I’ve seen in over a year :slight_smile:

I still can select red metal card in the app, see screenshot below. Unfortunately, regardless of the card colour I choose, I then get “Couldn’t update user data” error at the end of the upgrade process (after confirming delivery address). :sob: Reported this issue to Curve support before 3 weeks, still not fixed… :woozy_face::roll_eyes:

for me it worked today. :slight_smile:
I think curve gets too many tickets at the moment and the coronavirus makes it not easier to solve the tickets. Give Curve some time.