Curve metal card

But in the meantime I am paying for it - This is the frustrating part :slight_smile:


I totally agree with this sentiment, which is why I notified Curve on 13th March that I wish to terminate my use of Metal and revert to the basic Blue Card, which arrived very quickly. I was prepared to wait for as long as Curved offered a full refund on demand, but when that window was due to close, I took what I saw as the only logical decision.
When Curve state unequivocally that they have put together a final, stable, working package for Metal card users, I will review my decision. If the deal is attractive enough, I might even go for an annual Metal subscription once again. (And decide whether to get a new wallet to replace my old faithful one…)!!

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Got to say I completely agree! Once the novelty of the metal card wears off (which I still love, but…) it doesn’t feel like a great deal!


Interesting development with Amex they will probably be loosing a few HFP Readers due to changing the rules for sign up bonuses so even more relevant for curve to get Amex back due to the Avios/points with Amex. If Amex isn’t accepted somewhere I use Curve and I find more indidual shops/restaurants & holiday companies are refusing Amex so they need Curve more than ever. Keep at it cheers

After first year of contract for Metal, can you cancel it and use your metal card on a free Blue plan?

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No, you’ll get a new Blue card through the post.


Another month paid, another month of literally nothing for the money.

Beginning to lose patience with it all.

See you in May with the same post.


Indeed Christate99. A month or 2 back I was on this forum pretty much daily in the hope of finding either resolution to the various difficulties Curve face, most notably for me the Amex issue, or some alternative deal more concrete than “very shortly we hope to offer…”.
When your reply to me popped into my email just now, it made me realise that either consciously or sub-consciously I am giving up hope of seeing any worthwhile development. I’m very sorry to say I have no regrets reverting to the basic card and feel extremely sorry for those who showed more faith than me. Even an announcement along the lines of: ‘we have examined the concerns expressed by various customers about the value of xxxxx (e.g. travel insurance) and will be looking to improve this element of the package’, or alternatively, ‘we conclude that the product delivers the intended level of value and availability and do not intend making any changes for now’.
The silence really has been deafening.


Yea have to agree feel very short changed on my new curve metal card - pre paid for the year up front and nothing extra apart from a nice feeling card !

Come on curve let’s get the promised Benefits sorted or offer a refund or discount for next years subscription!


My favourite thing was when the CEO came on here and asked what people thought was inadequate about the current offering, as though he was surprised that people found it so. Several people answered him, and in response, radio silence. Not even an acknowledgement from him or other Curve staff (other than moving posts to a different topic)


A hug and a smile perhaps? :man_shrugging:

Well even that would be a start.

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They ask for feedback, and then when it’s offered they just delete the posts and claim they’re off topic. That or randomly merge them into a thread thats not relevant anymore and won’t be seen by anybody.

Then they invite everyone to an office to share their plans, where they completely ignore absolutely anything negative and do nothing but talk about what they want to offer in the future even though they’ve proven themselves to be completely incapable of providing what they claim to offer now.


The quote below is from another topic, but I feel it makes even more sense in this topic (given the sentiments in this topic the last paragraph of the quote might be the most valuable :wink:):

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It definitely does take time, which is why it takes so long to launch a product…

If the flagging of posts is done by an algorithm, it is the most odd one I have seen. I have just seen how your comments (and others) in a thread entitled “Lounge Key Update” were expunged after you and others, rightly, showed how competitor products offered much better value even if Curve managed to provide the benefits they actually promised.

How can people who paid for the metal card continue doing so when the only tangible benefit is the card itself (a similar card can be obtained elsewhere for almost free if not free)?

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Apparently it’s not algorithmic, although I’m not convinced.

Supposedly it takes five different people flagging a post for it to be withdrawn, so I can only assume that there are five people hanging around this forum making sure that nobody ever says anything negative about Curve.

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It might be 5 bots that have been programmed to flag everything negative towards Curve.

Based on this announcement by Monzo, who are looking at metal cards, this will be the end of Curve metal for me, this seems to be a much better thought out way of packaging a product:

Same tbh.