Curve investors rewards

@Dann Just received the same e-mail…holding pattern?

What is the value of each share?

So Shares issued, I will see when Curve provide us this email

£4 is the purchase price per share for this round. Presumably there will be no ready secondary market and therefore no realised value until IPO.

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Haven’t heard much or had any emails for while now, when is Curve providing investors details and rewards?

I hear the words finalising a lot but I would’ve expected something by the end of this week as a rough ETA?

Please give a timeframe of when we should expect to get some comms.


an update would be nice, even if it’s telling us that it will be sometime next year…managing expectations :wink:


@Curve_TCB An update for Investors would be great. Why the silence??


When can we expect the investor cards to start rolling out? I purchased shares some time ago now and can’t find any information on it.