Curve investors rewards

@Dann Just received the same e-mail…holding pattern?

What is the value of each share?

So Shares issued, I will see when Curve provide us this email

£4 is the purchase price per share for this round. Presumably there will be no ready secondary market and therefore no realised value until IPO.

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Haven’t heard much or had any emails for while now, when is Curve providing investors details and rewards?

I hear the words finalising a lot but I would’ve expected something by the end of this week as a rough ETA?

Please give a timeframe of when we should expect to get some comms.


@Curve_TCB An update for Investors would be great. Why the silence??


When can we expect the investor cards to start rolling out? I purchased shares some time ago now and can’t find any information on it.


I still haven’t seen anything, and with my curve metal membership up for renewal next month was hoping the free metal year would’ve kicked in (don’t want to pay £150).

Curve, I thought you said soon after shares released we would have contact of rewards?


Massively disappointed at the complete lack of response and sheer ignorance from Curve. Already heavily regretting investing in a company that cannot prioritise communication, especially given that this thread was opened nearly 2 months ago and there isn’t one reply from Curve (but they’re clearly reading all these posts). Anyone else get the feeling that this ship is sinking and the invested money is lining the pockets of someone at the top?


I am starting to get frustrated myself, I took a punt on investing in the first place, but you cannot possibly do a marketing campaign and not inform product investors of what the latest is (even if each week its saying they are working on it…). I say product investors as we are mainly users and the ones actually spreading word of mouth of curve / not industry investors.

Also taking in mind this is one of the most viewed topic / discussions on the platform.


a badge would be nice to when red card coming 2026?

second that

still, not, coming… What a joke…

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Just wait people , didn’t you see the email. Exciting things coming soon.

Another email to distract off the darn investor perks :joy:

However, a new feature is always appreciated.

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I hate to be negative and I had registered my account here in good faith, but even I am losing every bit of patience now. They always told us that Crowdcube is taking their time with collecting user information, but as it turns out, they are the ones not doing anything. Since our payments were processing we haven’t been hearing back from them. If they are not able to make it this year they should at least tell us how it is. If I still had the chance I would immediately refund my investment. I can’t wrap my head around on how they are treating their most loyal customers. Additionally with the new 1,5% fee there are a lot more attractive options than Curve on the market. It won’t take much longer till I just close my account, ask them to delete my information and move on to another fintech, who at least act like they value their customers.


This is what I got when I contacted them through the app about Investors. I did ask about rewards, but as you can see no mention in the email


Everyone got that though not just investors so won’t be anything to do with investor rewards.

Other than the card, I actually cannot even remember what the rewards are supposed to be anymore… it’s been nearly 3 months since I signed.

A goodie bag, 1 year, 3 year and unlimited Metal membership depending on what you invested. Thats everything I think.