Curve investors rewards

I got same reply yesterday. I think everyone is kinda getting their feet itchy as the fee is coming up and we (well certainly I) want to avoid them by switching to metal.
I checked how long it took Monzo to act on issuing Investors Card… 2 days after the investment. Obviously they prepared goodies before they launch the campaign…


That was me that said Jan 2020 :wink:

@Malik was a lot less specific (and probably more accurate) with “Early 2020 I’d presume” :joy:

To be honest, I’ve sort of lost interest now.

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And this is exactly why I cancelled my investment and downgraded to Blue. I’ve felt exactly the same was as Alex and even the downgrade process, where I was blatantly misinformed and only on providing hard proof did they back down (without apology obviously)

As a brand identity Pig Ignorant really isn’t one that is normally coveted but here we are.


second that! terrible communication, I question my investment a lot now, I thought its obvious that without transparency and good communication there is no chance, however seems like they now got people who believe in marketing in tube stations, and false positive power point slides presenting in front of the board every so often, without even remembering how they started the curve community. Usual story.

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When will investors receive their rewards? Has a timeframe been put on this?


Good question…not heard anything for ages - disappointing…

Nope, as per my message last week, very annoying but no ETA, no comms since the email (months ago) and no comments officially on this post.

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We are preparing to ship it at end of next week :smiley:

The Investor Profile Badge is ready to go! If you don’t have yours by the end of the day, please send us a membership request and we’ll verify your account :slight_smile:

You can change your title within your account settings on the community.

Please note that the investor cards will be shipped in the new year.


Look like a christmas package


When are we likely to get the new Red Investor card? Can’t wait for that to arrive!

Thank the lord :ok_hand::raised_hands::raised_hands:

It won’t be before xmas :-/

Will we be contacted before the cards are sent out as i need to update the delivery address?

Yup, they will ask you if you want to stick with your current card or if you want the investors card :slight_smile:

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I recon will get email tomorrow / otherwise next week.

Least curves New Years resolution can be communication :upside_down_face:

I do love the product so holding in here.

How did you know it would be today?? :smile:

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What is the update on the promised investor cards and benefits? Have I missed a communication?

No update, you haven’t missed anything.

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I have to say, I’m pretty disappointed with the lack of info since the funding round closed.

Email every 5 minutes reminding to invest at the time… but nothing since collection? Someone from Curve really should at least just say something…