Curve Community Code of Conduct



Our code of conduct is a living document and is subject to change as our community evolves.

Civil Discourse
The forum is for civil discourse, defined as “engagement in conversation intended to enhance understanding”.

  • While discussing and sharing information stay on topic and address the actual post rather than the poster, tone, or spelling.
  • Use private messages if you wish to help an author with spelling and grammar suggestions.
  • Create a single account and post high value content that adds to the discussion.
  • Keep it tidy - update your post with additional information. Replying to yourself makes the thread harder to navigate.
  • If you have nothing new to add, use the “like” button.
  • We will lock a a discussion when it has gone full circle and the arguments are repeating.
  • We have dedicated channels for customer support where you can discuss your Curve card and account, do not escalate your ticket using the forum.
  • Don’t act like a troll. If you see any, please flag them.

Be kind and safe
We want to create an inclusive and safe community.

  • Assume the best of people and do not pass judgment on others. There is a zero tolerance for abuse, threats, harassment, and discrimination.
  • People’s safety shall not be compromised in any way. Do not stalk, share your own or anyone else’s personal information.
  • Avoid using offensive topics as a form of humour and refrain from using language that can be considered oppressive, systemically or otherwise. This includes, but is not limited to, various slurs.

In-depth and on topic discussions

  • We are all Curvers here, there’s no need to share your referral code.
  • Obvious trolling will be removed, troll and bots accounts will be banned.
  • An answer should be more than two words and post should include more than the title text.
  • We will lock a a discussion when it has gone full circle and the arguments are repeating.
  • Posts asking a question already dealt with will be merged at the discretion of the
  • Giving a post a like is an effective way to indicate that you agree with it.

Use the dedicated channels for customer account and Curve card queries.

  • Any information connected to your person should for safety reasons never be shared or discussed on the forum.
  • Please check the help topic or contact us via for customer support.
  • Do not share your or anyone else’s personal information.
  • Do not use the forum to escalate your customer support queries.

No discussion of illegal activities

  • The Curve Forum is not for the discussion of anything illegal, including hypothetical situations.
  • We do not condone compromising Curve’s or any other card issuer’s terms of service.

If you continue to breach the Code of Conduct after receiving written warnings, your account will be removed.

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