Curve commercial vs curve personal. What's the difference nowadays


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It’s not the account that’s personal or commercial, it’s the card that can be commercial or personal


Well I imagine if it’s labeled as such then they are so for a reason. Just maybe?

As for your other question I’ve never heard that happening but Curve have been known to send out pro cards to people that chose the free option so who knows? However even if it does happen, it’s no loss for the customer or for Curve.


Business/Commercial cards have to be labeled as such. It’s not curve’s decision to label or not. Its just like prepaid cards having to say “prepaid” somewhere on the card, even if a lot of companies (revolut) try to use as small font as possible and hide it as best as they can


Correct :slight_smile:

We did send out some ‘black coloured’ blue cards for a limited period when we had a shortage of blue plastic. We decided our customers should not have to wait when the only difference was literally the plastic colour used in the production.

If your card is commercial it will be written on the back of the card.

Is Curve unique in the market?

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No I have heard of quite a few people who have applied for the free card and received a pro card. It might be a mistake from the card manufacturer/packer but it is what it is.

P. S. I received one of the black cards that was really blue but that’s not what the above is.


I have a Curve card beginning with 537590 but it says “Commercial”. My wife’s begins 537590 and does not say “Commercial”. says 537590 is personal and 537591 is commercial. Is mine a misprint?


@Curve_Marie Just one question here - asked the same to support and waiting to get the answer.
My understanding is that Curve will make a huge profit should we stick with Commercial Cards instead of having a Personal Card - namely you get 1.6% of the interchange fees and then you charge the 0.3-0.2% if the ultimately charged card is in the EU.
Should that be the case - why don’t you offer free Black/Metal cards to those who willingly would keep on using Commercial cards? IMHO with a spending over 1000 pounds, you’d be getting already 13 pounds as interchange fee, so you could label that Metal is for free in that scenario as we’re technically doing our bit to get you that amount.
PD: Yes I know, some merchants may go crazy and try and ‘ban’ curve cards. But can they do it? I mean, they can block certain issuers (like Amex), but you’re using Mastercard so they’d need to ban ALL the business cards which I don’t think they’ll even do.

PD: And yes, I’m aware that technically you need to have a business to justify this - which I believe it shouldn’t be a problem as quite a few of your early adopters should already be entrepreneurs (but that’s just a guess). If you want to make this easier, you could just add money to the curve rewards wallet for every ‘positive’ transaction (e.g. where you make a win) and subtract it for every ‘negative’ transaction (where you make a loss). That way people would be mindful of which card they’re charging and ultimately would try and make you win more money.
PD2: Users can always ask for getting a personal card anyways by law - and that ultimately leads to Curve losing money if the card underneath is a credit card.


Nope, not the case. Curve has to pay more than the interbank fee to charge card. AFAIK they charge the cards via WireCard, for small merchants the rate starts at 2.9% for charging cards, the more you charge, the cheaper it gets.
It was discussed in the forum somewhere with a lengthy explanation.


Hmm I doubt that they’ll pay such a rate as they’d always loose money. According to the interchange fees page, the maximum they can get is 1.6%. If they have to nevertheless pay 1.3% on top of that (e.g. what WireCard is charging small merchants), then Curve wouldn’t even be on business.
No company survives if it’s destiny is to make a loss, and even having a vast majority of Metal subscribers wouldn’t cover a 1.3% fee.


Sent me a Commercial Card for some bizare reason. No replies to tickets. No replies on Twitter.

Thanks for wasting my time Curve on your useless product and useless services.

Cutting my card up now and deleting the app.


Very constructive feedback!


Seems like an incredible overreaction.

Why not just tell them you need a personal one and use the commercial one whilst you wait for them to replace it? There’s basically no difference. It’s exactly the same product and service.


What problems do you have with having a commercial card? Most likely it won’t affect you in any way


Well for starters most companies charge a fee for using corporate cards. For example, I purchased a train ticket from Trainline and was charged 28p for using a corporate card. Kind of made the 1% reward from Curve pointless as they cancelled each other out.

So no, a commercial and personal card are not the same product or service at all.

If they can’t answer a support ticket in the space of a week nor respond when I reached out to them on Twitter then they don’t deserve my constructive feedback.


Most companies DON’T charge a fee for using comercial cards, however if you have a problem with one or two companies that do, it’s certainly legitimate to complain


Most companies don’t charge a fee. If 28 pence angers you that much, perhaps you should be using one of the (at least 20) other retailers of rail tickets who don’t charge booking or transaction fees…


Yay! That’s the way to go, burn everything down :).

Really, just open a CC query and say ‘I don’t own a business, give me a personal card’. And that’s it, they’ll replace yours.


I’m quite surprised by the responses to a reasonably fundamental complaint. When anyone applies for a Curve card without expressly requesting a commercial card, he/she should be sent a personal card.

Curve sent me a commercial card at first as well. When I requested a personal card, they tried to convince me there is no difference. I explained to them that for instance topping up my Revolut account through a commercial card will incur extra fees, etc. And I explained them the aforementioned principle. Then they sent me a personal card.

I believe the percentages that issuer, network and merchant can charge is also higher because commercial cards aren’t covered by the fixed EU regulations.