Curve Cash Retailers - Change Selection

Hello Community,

Signed up to Curve Metal on Friday after learning about Curve from the Monzo Community :+1:

I did not give the best thought when selecting Retailers for Curve Cash, so wondered how to go about changing the original selection?



I’ve sent you a PM

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You’re Currently unable to change your retailers once you’ve chosen them.

There may be future plans to offer changes but they’re now set

Curve is a contradiction unto itself, that’s for sure!

Theoretically, I could make any number of £999 transactions and then after 13 days change my mind and allocate the spend to another underlying card. Yet, make one tiny little miscalculation on your cashback merchants and it’s supposedly set in stone forever.


Thanks for your reply, even though its not what I wanted to hear. In my excitement to sign-up, I must have missed the “selection is cast in stone” warning … I guess its for instances like this that they have cooling off periods.

You should allow changes to be made prior to the 1st use of the card, as I would imagine your customers use the period between placing an order and receiving their card to ‘learn’ up.

Regards, Jon