Curve card rejected because 3DS not fully supported

Tried to add Curve as a top-up card to Lunar but it was rejected because apparently Curve still doesn’t support 3DS fully. The is the error message Lunar support said they got:

Rejecting creation of source because the source is not 3DS full

I have had problems with paying capital one, it just hangs after I authorise. Curve claims that capital one is not fully compliant?

Similar problem here

Tried adding to Revolut as a top-up card instead, and it worked without a hitch. Revolut use the same in-app confirmation method as Curve so to me this is clear evidence that Curve’s implementation is faulty.

I have also some of the same problems with 3DS

I’ve done many online purchases and never once gotten a 3DS prompt from Curve, so as far as I can tell Curve’s 3DS implementation is just snake oil and they approve the transaction automatically every time. Doesn’t feel very secure.