Curve card cannot be used with EE mobile phone network online or over the phone

I’ve heard some payments say successful but never get taken or reduce your EE balance or add credit I’m very wary about curve and EE thinking it’s foreign and if you do add it there’s so many issues

As far as i’m aware if I remember rightly (As i’m an EE Employee). The reason as to why it is not accepted is for fraud prevention and security. When we take payments we also complete an AVS Check (Address Verification Check), and due to this come cards (inc Monzo and Starling i believe it is in addition to the majority of prepaid cards) due to their security don’t allow us to verify the address, traditional high street banks are enrolled to the AVS service and allow us to confirm the address on file matches that of the card being used. Due to this it fails.
Don’t hold me word to word on this as per the organisations which accept and decline the service, but i do believe it is due to this verification check. We do however allow bill payments in store with the cards as this is done manually due to the card being present and the pin correct, payment is accepted.
where online simply the card details being entered we aim to create security and fraud prevention in the best way we can.

Those are two different things… The first is illegal, the second is a severely outdated practise that will simply annoy an awful lot of people while not preventing fraud in any meaningful way. I wonder how much fraud it prevents. I’d wager not much

I kept being told by virgin money I can’t use my card with monzo cause they have monzo down as a fraudsters way of getting your money so all these new things are classed as fraud

I had to try and convince permanent tsb that my curve card is same as using my card directly cause they kept blocking it being used not good cause they labels it fraud