Curve card balance


I’d like to see the balance of my Curve card on the grid view selector page. Currently it’s only available on the carousel page.


Are you talking about the curve reward balance, or the balance of the actual cards? Because that WOULD be cool, and I’m sure the new open banking might be able to help with that


Reward balance but yes the card balance would be great too but I didn’t think that would be possible.


Maybe it’s not that impossible :wink:


Nothing is impossible :muscle::sunglasses: From the newsletter we are sending out:

Connecting your money further
We’ve applied for a licence which will let Curve connect to other banks and financial institutions on the Open Banking network, to allow us to bring your money closer to you. With enhanced Insights and Timeline, Curve will be able to be smarter for you, making sure you can focus on the more important things in life.”

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