Curve Beta Signup

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I signed up twice over the last month or so. A few Fridays have passed meanwhile and I still am not shown as a beta tester.

App not available for this account

Your account isn’t currently eligible for this app’s testing programme

Please can someone check my sign-up forms and advise if I need to sign up once more or when I will be added as beta tester? Thanks a million!

Hey Daniel, welcome to the Community! I’m happy to check this for you with our team. Have you signed up on Android of iOS?


Thanks for your response, Hannah. I signed up for Android. I hope you can get me added soon.

Hey, I’ve looked into this and we’re going to need more details from you before we can properly check. Would you mind emailing our team at with your email address? You can mention that you’re from the Community / address it to me.

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