Curve Beta Signup

Hi @LEF,

Have you signed up to join the respective iOS or Android beta using our dedicated sign up forms? You can read our step-by-step guide here: Curve Beta Signup

If you have already completed the sign up form and received your confirmation, I will send you a DM to confirm a few more details before raising this with our team.

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Hi Ivo, i have signed up a few weeks ago but i get the App not available for this account

Hi @charlesosj,

I hope you’re well :smile:

Ah, that’s not what we like to hear! We’ll try to get this sorted for you ASAP. Did you sign up for the iOS or Android beta programme?

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Thank you very much Ivo, i signed up for Android

My pleasure @charlesosj,

Before I can take a look into this further, I’m going to send you a DM to confirm a couple of details :grinning:

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I’m on the Beta and still supposedly have access to the Beta app, however, the Beta symbol by my name has dissapeared and the recent Beta app update (able to add loyalty cards) isn’t showing on my phone (Samsung S9). Quite a few of us seem to have the same issue, could this be looked into please?

You now have the Investor :white_check_mark: badge next to your profile picture, since that is your primary group. But you’re also still a member of the Beta Tester group. If you (just like me) would like to have the Investor :white_check_mark: badge together with the text ‘Curve Beta Tester’ under your account name you can do so by going to Preferences>Account and choose for ‘Curve Beta Tester’ in the drop-down under ‘Title’.


hi I signed up for the app beta last week and still can’t log in to the beta app because it says my account isn’t eligible

Im going to loop @Curve_Ivo to help with this :slight_smile:

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Hi @Salvatore,

I’m sorry to hear that you are not yet able to access the beta. Can you please confirm if you signed up to join the iOS or Android beta?

i have an android smartphone


2 days ago signed up for beta (through sign up form) - but cannot see the beta version in Google Play yet, in my attached Google account. About how long does acceptance take?

In the past they added people once a week.


Whats the most recent Android beta, my google play shows Curve in the beta “tab” running 2.24.0 but I am wondering if this is the latest?

Latest beta is 2.24.0 at the moment.

thanks, wondering why the “add loyalty cards” feature is not available for me? Just have seen that other users seem to have the same issue. Asked a curve team member to enable it for me, which seemed to have helped other users. Lets see…

Hi there.

I’ve signed up a few times for IOS beta, still no feedback / approval?


Hi @Salvatore,

Thank you for confirming. I will send you a DM to confirm a few more details before investigating further :slightly_smiling_face:

Hi @bmszabo,

Thank you for signing up for the beta programme :smile:

We current add new testers on a weekly batch basis, so if you signed up after Wednesday last week, you will included in this week’s batch.



Hi @MrChagle

I’m sorry to hear to that you’re still unable to access the iOS beta programme - we’ll get this sorted out for ASAP.

I will send you a DM to confirm a few more details before investigating further.



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