Curve Beta Signup

Thanks - submitted!

Was the Support Team able to help you out with this?

It’s out in the open and to be found here: :smile: When becoming an official tester you’ll also get your badge and title on the community. If you haven’t already been added, you can request membership here:

@JoshuaBoots we’ll be able to add you if you’re using the same email address for signing up to the programme as you do here :smile:

Thank you @tominniss Do let us know how you get on :smiley:

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I have not tried removing the card again, yet.
Verifying the card has came to a stumbling block, Paysera claiming that they don’t support Curve, but the Curve docs claiming that Paysera works with the app.
Now what. :neutral_face:

Ah paysera claiming… They claim that they support google, samsung pay but I can’t add the card. p.s. I have paysera in curve working.

Yeah, I hate this, because I like Paysera.

Hi @Curve_Marie, I’ve signed up the beta program using link above but I still not able to see the beta app added to my google playstore. All my gmail and android and curve are the same email. Tried emailing the support but no respond. Can you please help?

@Curve_Marie I’m still waiting to be added to the testflight, is this an ongoing issue and would it be an issue to add me meanually? Many thanks

I’ve also signed up but not able to download the beta from the play store.


@Curve_Marie, I have signed up on the 16th September for the Beta, but still waiting for the confirmation, therefore I am not able to download the beta version of the app.

Today, I have signed up again, maybe it helps :wink:

Thanks for checking,

Hello @Curve_Marie,
My wife has signed on Aug 6th but is unable to download Curve beta on the playstore.
Could you check if it has been taken into account?

Thank you


Please send us the email you used to I’ll catch up with the Support Team tomorrow will make sure everyone is added. Please make sure you are registered via the signup form.

@alforrest, @josh1, @jonny133, @bruso, @Will

hello, I still haven’t received the TestFlight invitation

I’ve been testing on Android, but I am now using an iPhone as my main device. I contacted and they advised me to fill out the beta application form again, but I haven’t received a Testflight invitation yet. Can anyone help please?

you should send email to

śr., 6 lis 2019, 18:52 użytkownik Jonathan Hazan via Curve Community napisał:

I’m in the group and have been for over a week but unable to download from Play Store. Is there anything else I need to enable or activate?

Hello @jim9,

You should be able to access the beta app by now. Could you please send me a DM with the email you use for your device and I’ll ask one of our developers to re-add you.

Hi, i signed up last week and still waiting for beta invite

me too. 11 days ago and the playstore link is not activated

My bad, I’m sorry! I was on annual leave last Wednesday. Just did an upload of new testers. You should be able to access it by the end of the week the latest :smile:

Just letting you guys know that in my case, I had to wait a few months before getting able to download the beta app from play store…
For some of you, don’t expect it to be working in the first week…if 1 month goes by and you still don’t have access, email the beta support team :wink:
Unfortunately the beta signup doesn’t work sometimes :man_shrugging: