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you should send email to

śr., 6 lis 2019, 18:52 użytkownik Jonathan Hazan via Curve Community napisał:

I’m in the group and have been for over a week but unable to download from Play Store. Is there anything else I need to enable or activate?

Hello @jim9,

You should be able to access the beta app by now. Could you please send me a DM with the email you use for your device and I’ll ask one of our developers to re-add you.

Hi, i signed up last week and still waiting for beta invite

me too. 11 days ago and the playstore link is not activated

My bad, I’m sorry! I was on annual leave last Wednesday. Just did an upload of new testers. You should be able to access it by the end of the week the latest :smile:

Just letting you guys know that in my case, I had to wait a few months before getting able to download the beta app from play store…
For some of you, don’t expect it to be working in the first week…if 1 month goes by and you still don’t have access, email the beta support team :wink:
Unfortunately the beta signup doesn’t work sometimes :man_shrugging:

thanks for the heads up. 22 days have gone and still can’t access the beta app on google play store. I was hoping to get it before the holidays but it’s looks like it’s not going to happen :frowning:

How do I go about getting the Beta badge on here as I’m a beta tester?

Happy cake day @zozanyo. You can request access to the beta group here :slight_smile:

We will investigate this so we can resolve it. Sorry for the inconvenience :-/

Important update!

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Where is the beta signing up? Don’t see it in Play Store.

Registered before end of 2019 and still waiting for the invitation…

Hello can you drop an email for me?

same here since the beginning of dec. 2019

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Hello. Drop an email :smile:

I did. So far I talked with Marie, Alexander , Holly and you. Still can’t access the beta app on the store. I don’t understand why it is taking so long.

Still waiting for beta ivitation. Curve said that will solve the issue in Jna 6th. Not from this year…

It simply shouldn’t take longer than what’s described in the OP. Please ask to be removed and re-added @zozanyo.

We have added people who have signed up over the holidays. If you are not able to access the Beta app, please reach out to

I haven’t received any reply to my Android beta signup either.