Curve are censoring posts


Pathetic. Trying to claim posts about how support tickets are going unanswered have somehow been flagged by the community as off-topic. Yeah right.

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It only takes a few community flags for posts to be hidden, it’s just how the forum software works - Curve aren’t to blame, it’s fellow forum users doing the flagging!



Regrettably so. Not clear if it’s mischievous or simply poor understanding of the use of flags. I do know @Curve_Marie has recently re-emphasised the correct protocol.

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Why are you censoring any genuine customer feedback? Half of the lounge key thread has gone, its shameful. This forum was presented as a way of having a way of feedbacking to the developers. Every company has to be open to feedback. I can tell you as a user of the same platform in our organization, its not automatic.

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The off-topic posts were flagged in accord with the Code of Conduct, some posts were moved to the new topic Airport Lounges.



So politely making feedback is against the code of conduct, ok you lost me as a customer too bad!

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Not at all, please use the appropriate topics and categories.



Respectfully why is it only posts that are asking for improvement or could be considered negative? This not really how to foster a healthy community. It seems that anything that’s not super positive is locked, hidden ect.



It’s not, but when “positive” off-topic posts are flagged it does not grab much attention. Please do highlight all posts that are off-topic if it has been overlooked, this way it will be easier for all community members to navigate the forum and find topics they are interested in discussing.

All feedback is an opportunity for us to learn and improve our customers’ experience. If you have a look through the Feedback category, you’ll find that we don’t filter out comments that can be considered negative.

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Curve is a good idea, but I’m beginning to wonder why I bother trying to give my genuine feeedback. It’s either ignored or censored away.

I’ve had so many posts that have had as many likes as flags required to be withdrawn, yet still get withdrawn. Even light humour is apparently not allowed.

Whether it’s Curve or other users I don’t really care - the impact is the same.

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Sorry, but I have to agree.

If you look at the airport lounges thread (now inexplicably locked…but presumably because it was full of annoyed customers that had signed up for metal and then not received one of its major benefits!) I think that only one post has been moved across to a slightly anodyne thread about the best airport lounges in the UK.

Curve really need to communicate much more openly and honestly with customers. Enough of this ‘fighting for your financial freedom’ nonsense - just offfer a card that works and and has the benefits promised!

I personally have chosen not to use my curve card since the Amex debacle. Not sure I will again, which is a shame as I had been a very early adopter.

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Looking at the home page and there are almost as many closed topics as open ones.

I moderate forums for my company and it’s very rare that we close or delete topics.

It’s disappointing that Curve has chosen this route.