Curve Android app for Huawei Mobile Services (HMS) phones


Would it be possible for you to create an Android app for Huawei Mobile Services phones? (Huawei Mate 30 Pro, P40 series etc)

As you probably know, Huawei can’t license Google services for its new devices. I tried to sideload Curve app to Mate 30 Pro from my other phone, but it is not working properly on HMS phone without Google services - it won’t even launch.

Huawei has its own app store called AppGallery.

There are some Tutorials on YouTube how you can install Google Play Services.

*You may need to reset your phone.

Tried that, but Google is shutting it down. Basically I could install gms without problem, but since last week, error messages are popping up and gms aren’t working if sideloaded