Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



hi @Curve_Marie thank you for all that you are doing to get us trials of the new cards! Can I just confirm a few details please, before I sign up to anything?
I’m a beta tester, and blue cardholder with the old rewards scheme, so 1.5% at an array of retailers.
if I sign up to metal, will I get some free months? will I be able to keep my rewards scheme? do I have to do anything or is it automatic?
Many thanks. Trying to keep up, things are changing quickly (for the better).


Great! Thanks @Curve_Marie for the prompt reply!


You will remain on your current rewards programme :slight_smile:

New customers will have the 90 introductory offer with the newest cashback programme


lovely, thanks. and I’ll get 4 months free?


@Curve_Marie confused, does this mean i can upgrade to metal and revert back to grandfathered black if it doesn’t work out?


Yeah would like to know this as well! The wording of the announcement isn’t 100% clear to me. I have already subscribed to Metal and paid £15. Does this now mean I can be refunded and still enjoy 4 months of Metal and then return to Grandfathered Black?


Out of interest, what would the 4 months of metal consist of?


Thank you! This is exactly my case. I signed up because Amex was supposed to be available. To my disappointment it isn’t (I’m outside UK). There were no mentions when signing up that it’s a beta feature, and it took a lot of digging into FAQ to find out that even the beta is not available outside UK. Also, no insurance here. On top of that the card gets declined about half the times I’ve tried using it.

So yes, the just option would be to retain the terms that were in effect when signing up, and actually make them available. After that you can obviously change the terms whenever you want. At least the grace period (with all advertized benefits) value should be at least equal to the fee that has already been paid. So if I’ve signed up to the possibility of using Amex and paid £50, I would like to actually be able to use it for the time period I could subscribe to for that sum.


I didn’t wan’t the edit of the original post to go unnoticed, hence the snipped posted 2 hours ago. Apologies for the confusion. If you upgrade to metal, you cannot be grandfathered. Please have another look at the original post.

Cc @Gears


@Lucas @podgib @dan_baker when a lot of people paid the fee for the curve black card, which was at the very beginning when curve was first launched to business customers, Amex cards could be added the same as any other cards. That is the reason people who have held the cards for a longer period of time are unhappy that a fee will be charged for Amex transactions. It’s not a new feature for them but something they’ve been promised for quite some time would return.


Make the new black cards orange and cut a sponsorship deal with Netflix.

In any case, love the grandfathering.


Hi there,

I am a current Curve Black that just subscribed to Metal today. Sorry if this is a dumb question, but does anyone know if Amex loads via Curve will earn points on the underlying Amex card?

I just processed a (relatively large) transaction with Curve Metal (via Amex load), and am now reading the T&Cs of Amex point accrual, which states:
“No Avios will accrue on … balance transfers, cash advances (including transactions treated as cash), loading of prepaid cards, American Express Travellers Cheque purchases …”

I called Amex up to ask if my recent transaction would accrue points, but the representative wasn’t able to give me a conclusive answer as the transaction hasn’t yet posted to my account. Does anyone know the answer to this?

Please let me know! I don’t want to process further transactions only to find out that they don’t qualify for points.


Amex topups earn points so it’ll be fine.



I still feel original old business black curve holders,beta testers at the very start who paid £75, should receive the free £1000 top up.
Of course no added benefits of the new card as they weren’t on our original cards.
For people who comment that the Amex ewallet is a different product to the original,it’s still does the same job which the originally offered in the very beginning. The chance to use Amex at visa/ mc only establishments.


Well, I generally appreciate the work Curve is doing. And I wouldn’t mind the subscription fee model Curve is evolving into. I use my AMEX Centurion as my every day card, so any AMEX integration with Curve is much appreciated for any retailers that currently do not accept AMEX. And no FX-fee is certainly nice to have, despite the very low limits Curve currently offers (and it’s still not clarified what “Fair Use” means on the FX-front with a Metal card).

However, I do get the feeling that some decisions seem to be rushed by Curve lately. As mentioned above, underlying cards are needed to use Curve. And there is a high chance that most clients therefore alreaday have a credit card that do include a kind of insurance product. So why offer it? From a commercial point of view it might make sense for Curve, but not from a client point of view.

But my biggest question mark is why are some EEA customers left out? The insurance product is NOT available in all eligible EEA Countries Curve operate, but limited to UK, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Portugal and Spain. So clients in 20 countries won’t get the insurance benefit BUT still need to pay the same monthly fee!? This is not understandable and feels wrong IMHO. What the reason for this? Other credit card companies are able to offer insurance across the whole customer base? Rushed decision and not enough time to negotiate with the insurance providers?

@Curve_Marie: any thoughts on this?


So avios definitely accrue?

Why no back in time on Amex transactions?

When is Apple Pay coming and

On the metal subscription, there shouldn’t be a 1.5% fx fee on weekends!


I was an original Curve Black subscriber. At the time, Amex functionality was expressly supported and Curve advertised this through various marketing platforms to attract customers: like me, I am sure that many would not have joined but for these claims. Based upon these representations, I paid £75 for Curve Black. When Amex functionality ceased its absence was described as temporary with a commitment to its reinstatement.

Amex functionality has now returned and the details of its implementation are, I submit, irrelevant: the root of the issue is Amex acceptance. For Curve to ask subscribers such as me, for whom Amex functionality was an express or implied term of our initial agreement, to pay 0.65% for the return of Amex acceptance is misguided. Consistent with the original agreement and intermediate statements by Curve as to the temporary nature of Amex unavailability, Curve Black subscribers who joined during the initial period of Amex acceptance should have all Amex fees waived. Curve can readily achieve this since it must know, or ought to know, the date and details of each subscriber and the Terms & Conditions in place at the material time.

@Curve_Marie: I presume that Curve has taken the requisite advice?


Yes, see my post two above the one where you asked this!


I thought it was £50 rather than £75 and they offered a credit too so I thought that initial payment in 2016 was reimbursed?

See HfP coverage from back then (can’t believe its almost been 3 days!)…


Anyone else with the legacy black card (old 3-5% reward scheme) got this message on the reward wallet after joining the beta? Also when I purchased something some boots earlier, I didn’t get the points notification also.

Please could you explain this too? :slight_smile: thanks. @Curve_Marie