Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



So you don’t get the amex point aswell?


Hopefully great-grandfathered? :wink:


Glad Curve have listened to all the feedback.

Lack of AMEX doesn’t affect me at the moment as they wouldn’t touch me with a barge-pole.

I just hope that new features for the ‘new’ Curve Black/Metal (and even Blue) ARE released to the grandfathered customers.

E.g. if Limits are upped from £50k (hopefully, mines been sat in the drawer for 6 months) then that applies to all users equally (subject to risk etc) NOT subject to whether they have/haven’t opted out of the new subs model.


Reading all the posts etc a lot of people don’t realise that the original curve when launched accepted American Express. This was suspended a short time after launch at Amex’s request.
The original product was sold as having Amex so surely people who signed up at the beginning should have it reinstated for free ?
We weren’t given any compensation.


Yes, good idea! Will write it up :slight_smile:


The current amex product is a fundamentally different implementation from the original one, which was discontinued for reasons outside Curve’s control. It’s one thing to discuss if at the time Curve should have given some perk or compensation, but to say someone is entitled to this new amex implementation, which is fundamentally different, doesn’t seem to hold much merit


In my opinion the features of the legacy Black card should be frozen to those features that were announced prior to the launch of the new subscription model. Your blog from last November announcing the return of Amex clearly discusses the original cards and states that Curve Black customers will be able to top up their Amex wallet up to £1,000 monthly fee free.

Following a chat with your support team after the blog posting I chose to upgrade to Black (as I’m sure did many others), as again I was told that the upgrade to Black card would have a fee free top up of £1,000 once the beta was opened up to the general public. At no point was it mentioned this feature would be removed.

The legacy Black Curve should therefore in my opinion retain the Amex functionality as promised without the insurance products of the new Black card.


Those were the conditions for the beta. As far as I know, no assurances were made that the beta terms would transition out of beta. After the beta, the amex wallet could have been scrapped altogether, that’s why it’s called a beta


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OK I think I’m more confused than when the rumours were going round but mainly because the side by side comparison and terms do not give the detail of the insurances or the dates of the lounge access and the costs associated to each visit etc.

Is there, or will there be a detailed comparison available to make the choice from?

The terms mention

  • 4.2. In case of a user who has a Curve Black card issued on or before the 18th of December, 2018 you will be provided a fee-free subscription period of 6 months of Curve Black subscription, and your first Curve Black Subscription payment will be charged on 18th May, 2019. If you decide to opt for the Curve Metal Subscription before [25th] of December, 2018, you will be charged for the Curve Metal Subscription on [18th April, 2019]. In case you have a Curve Black Account as of the 18th of December and decide not to apply for any of the subscription plans, you have 60 days from the 18th of December to cancel your account or Downgrade to Curve Blue without any costs except for those highlighted in this Agreement.

However how can I make a decision before the detailed information on the extra insurances / products is even released?

Lounge access just says future date but what future date?


Those terms are from the beta and clearly outdated. I don’t think the new terms have yet been made public


As an early adopter of the Curve Black card when it was only available to business owners, freelancers and other self-employed, at a cost of £30 for the Curve Blue and £75 for the Curve Black, I am a little disappointed that if we choose to keep the Curve black “legacy” card we have to pay the 0.65% load fee to use Amex. As has previously been pointed out Amex use was available when Curve initially launched, and one of the reasons I signed up. Amex is now much more widely accepted than 2 years ago. However, I have to give the team at Curve credit where credit is due in that at least they didn’t limit the extended list of retailers that legacy card holders get cashback from as is the case with the current introductory cashback offer now available. The Amex fee is disappointing but not a deal breaker. Hopefully this fee will be scrapped in the future as more people take up Curve.


Confirmed. You will remain on your current Rewards/Cashback programme.

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Current Curve Black cardholders will be given a grace period of 3 months with the new Curve Black or 2 months of Metal. Our Beta Testers have done a tremendous effort helping us become ready for launch and will be given 6 months with new Curve Black and 4 with Curve Metal.

We wanted to act swiftly based on your feedback suggesting the grandfathering option, which was added to the originally intended grace period. After weighing the customer and business impact of the grandfather option, we have decided to change the grace period duration to 3 months of new Curve Black and 2 with Metal. We sincerely hope that this will give you enough time to make an informed decision on whether you would like to continue with subscription or become grandfathered.


Thank you so much for your reply.


Thanks for the update.

@Curve_Marie Will there be an in-app reminder when the grace period is about to expire for those who was on the legacy black card? Personally, I would like to know when I’m about to be hit with extra charges …



We will send out an email in due time :slight_smile:


@Curve_Marie, thank you.


Dear @Curve_Marie is the above applied to the first wave beta testers or includes the second wave as well?
Moreover, what will happen with those that decide rather than paying monthly to upgrade to metal and pay the full amount ie £150?


It applies to all beta testers, however, it does not include an upgrade from Curve Blue to Curve Black :slight_smile: You can contact Customer Support and they will refund you so you’ll get 4 months for free.