Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



Thank you I am assuming this is in the future !


Yes it does - I don’t quite understand your question though?


I keep reading it costs 0,65% to top up but spending is free. It wasn’t clear to me you first have to top up before you can spend. That’s not the case with any of the other cards as far as I know.


So do I understand it correctly that topping up from AMEX to a Curve Blue/old Black card AMEX Wallet will cost 0,65%, but regular spending on an AMEX card will still be free for Curve Blue/old Black card users?

Blue / Old Black --> 0.65% fee
New Black --> free up to 1000 GBP, then 0,65% fee
Metal --> free (fair use policy)

But of course you only get charged for the top up, spending the money out of your wallet it it doen’t cost a fee (for regular transactions, can’t withdraw it at an ATM)


Where can I find the complete terms for using AMEX with Curve? It’s the first time I hear about not being allowed to withdraw from an ATM…

  • 10.1.2. where the selected Payment Card is Amex, use the E-money on the Amex Wallet to pay the merchant at which your Curve Card was used. Funds on the Amex Wallet cannot be withdrawn via an ATM.

ATM Withdrawals - Domestic and Foreign Fees Breakdown

Indeed it’s not - it is handled quite differently on Amex.


Please keep in mind that AmEx use is still in beta, meaning you will hear all about the full features, terms & conditions once the public update rolls out :slight_smile:


I just read through the Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme Terms and Conditions and it seems like with AMEX Wallet I won’t be charging my AMEX for a payment at all. I can only use my AMEX to fund my AMEX Wallet and pay with my Curve (old) Black from that Wallet. AMEX will probably only ever see my Curve E-Money Account info. Is it reasonable for me to assume I will not be eligible for most AMEX benefits from using my AMEX card directly?


Correct, you’ll get spend credit but not Amex Offers, insurance cover, etc.


I currently have a Natwest Platinum current account which for £20 gives me (and my partner who has the additional card) worldwide travel insurance, mobile device insurance and 2% cashback on a select number of bills which typically equates to approx £10 back per month. I would gladly drop to a normal current account if Curve metal could offer these benefits to both my partner and myself. At the moment any journey without me would result in her not being covered. Whilst the Amex benefit would be amazing, by far the most effective solution is staying on a grandfathered black card and keeping my current account for those benefits. Is there any intention to add supplemental card holders so that benefits apply to both people independently? Are there any other benefits you’re looking at adding to match other providers within the UK?


In Curve Amex Closed Beta Programme Terms and Conditions an e-money account is introduced. Is Curve planning to develop their original service into a prepaid account like Revolut and perhaps even a full fledged current account by getting a banking license, again like Revolut?


So am I assuming as a blue right now, I will still be able to add amex to curve but with a 0.65% fee?
Do i need to have regular spends on curve for curve to allow large amex transactions go through?

Also any idea when it rolls out?


That’s me too. I signed up for the Amex benefit. I already have a metal Amex and that comes with insurance, so what’s in the options for me?


Just to let everyone know, we will call the grandfathered tier the “Legacy Black card” in our Terms of Service and comms. Feel free to adopt it at will :slight_smile:


We are not a bank :slight_smile:


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@Curve_Alejandro Hi, please could check this for us?


For Amex spend your usual Curve daily/monthly/annual limits apply so if you’re a new user you probably still want to build up a bit of spend history and request a limits increase to help if you’ve got some big transactions you want to put through.


Thanks, the app shows a 2000 daily spend limit and 5000 monthly i think, which is fine for me for now.
Ive only used curbe on couple small transacrions, will I still be ok for this?


Yep if you go with the limits in the app you should be fine. Once you’ve used it a bit routinely you can contact support and ask for an increase in your limits.