Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering


If Curve wants to be leading edge, perhaps just doing only what the majority of others do, rather than matching or bettering the best of what others do, should be their goal.



I agree, Curve already has the bells and at some stage it could introduce the whistles. I would happily pay £50 a year for the service it offers as the other (new) benefits are of no interest to me. It’s an amazing card and really has made my wallet slimmer and financial life easier whereas gApple Pay only works for £30 and I hardly use.

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Even TSB go to 80, and have a better package for almost the same monthly cost!


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Apple Pay is technincally not limited to £30 as default, some shops and restaurants do limit to £30 but the majority leave the limit uncapped.



I only use it for coffee and small purchases as if given up trying to use it for larger amounts.



I assume that there is no point now in staying as the new curve black?

Can someone please remind me how to get back to the legacy Black.

Thanks :slight_smile:



It’ll be an option you’ll receive an email about in around 2 months (or 5 months if you were part of beta), nothing needs done before then.



I’ve been getting charged about €16 euros a month if I don’t get the full cash back which gains me at least €4 in total minimum with permanent tsb in Ireland and to use the money I save from that to cover my curve metal subscription of £14.99 I’m quids in

I have 4 explore current accounts with permanent tsb in Ireland and use debit card all the time through curve with those accounts Monday to Friday only if using currency conversion but in euro only at weekends. It really benefits me cause that is only bank in Ireland you could avoid fees on a day to day basis without any issue as they give you money and almost all banks charge for everything since 2008 banking crash and in the UK it’s free always

I hope curve extend rewards past the 3 month period to make it pay to stay on metal



Currently on the original ‘Blue’ beta model from way back when, moving to black or metal could i choose to move onto the new rewards program rather than stay on the old program?

Secondly, there didn’t seem to be any overage fees on the old beta model i.e no fee for spending over £500 outside of the UK in a single month, is this still the case or am i now subject to the new fee on the basic model like everyone else? Spent over £1500 abroad in October and didn’t see any fees?



I haven’t upgraded to anything, I joined on Black, £60 and free wallet!

How do I remain on Black with no fees or do I need to downgrade to Blue now no Amex?

Many thanks.

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You will stay on your current programme. We have updated the webpage to make it clearer that the 90 days Cashback is for new customers and will do the same on the app.

From our Terms (Standard Exchange Rate, Curve Blue Account):
Up to a spend of £500 per month - no currency conversion fees will be charged and the transaction will be made at the Standard Exchange Rate, if there is any spend beyond this Curve may charge 2% of the amount of the transaction over the Standard Exchange Rate as currency conversion fees

Customer Support will help you out. You can write them in app, message via Social Media, or email at and tell them you would like to be Grandfathered.



Can I confirm this means we won’t be grandfathered unless we specifically message to be?



Just double checked this. We will send out information in due time before the free trial is completed. You can then decide wether you would like to continue with subscription or opt out.


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It’ll be an option you’ll receive an email about in around 2 months (or 5 months if you were part of beta), nothing needs done before then.

Wrong - it needs to be done now. I have insurance products that already cover what is included in Curve Black, and if I need to claim on them in the next two months, I will have problems with two insurers fighting over who is liable.

I did not “opt in” to the new Black - I was pushed onto it automatically. I have sent messages to Curve to drop back to Black Legacy immediately, which they have not responded to. I did not authorise Curve to pass on my details to third party insurance providers.

They need to take this seriously, or I will escalate the matter outside of their customer support.


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When’s “due time”? Less than 28 days left.

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Curve Black Legacy Migration Update