Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



Hello Lucas.
That’s the right answer.


Sorry to be pedanctic @Curve_Marie but can you give us an exact date on when our Curve Black free trial ends (and we can return to the Black Legacy/grandfathered version)?

I know it’s 6 months (as a beta tester) but what day is that from? I’m concerned that if I don’t want to continue the free trial and miss the cut-off, I’ll end up being charged.

I also noticed that the fee is taken a month ahead of time (ie after month 5) - how do we retain the full 6 months’ trial without paying the subscription?


From the day you updated your app so it started the subscription model. If you have done that when it was public, you received an email from AXA with your insurance paper, so thats exactly the day it started.

Just give them some time to focus on the current issues (AmEx) before thinking about how exactly it will look like in a few months when the free trials are expect to end.


Hi Thanks very much

I have an original Black card, I’ve been using Curve for a while. I understand I won’t have to pay a subscription, but I am a little unclear as to what benifits I get going foward, e.g. holiday insurance, larger foreign withdrawals etc

thanks very much


You won’t have any insurance benefits and no larger foreign withdrawal limits. If you don’t subscribe to Curve black @ £9.99 then you definitely won’t have the insurance. There are plans to offer bigger limits but that will happen in due course.


Thanks patrice58

Do you know why they say we have grandfather benifits etc, why not just say you have a black card but it only offers what the blue one does? you can tell I am baffled.


Grandfathered Black is not the same as Blue. You keep the same benefits with grandfathered black as you always had before subscription launched, meaning higher 0% fx fees spending etc.


Thank you Lucas

I’m still a little unsure, do these benifits go after 3 or 6 mths. They are not the same as the new black card I get that, but what do I get, what do I retain going foward


Thanks @Lucas but I took part in the beta so have received many updates to the app. Is it from the first update?

The reason this is so important is that I have some holidays booked up until June and need to know if they’ll be covered, else I’ll need to get an insurance policy elsewhere.

If it helps, I received the AXA documents on 17th Jan - will it be 6 months from this date?


I am none the wiser,


If you were on Android, beta version 2.0.17 started subscriptions.
On iOS I don’t know, but if you received your AXA documents on 17th Jan its most likely your account got migrated on that day.


With the Amex feature being pulled, I think all bets are off in regards to grandfathering and subscriptions.


I’m still waiting for confirmation that I have been returned to the Curve Black Legacy subscription, and that all of the “benefits” relating to the new Curve Black that I have been forcibly signed up to for 3 months have been cancelled.

I never had any interest in Amex via a top-up, and the insurance products are not a benefit as I already have such cover - in fact, far from being a benefit, holding multiple insurance products providing the same cover will only cause problems and disputes if I need to make a claim.

I am furious that I was simply enrolled into insurance products that I have never expressed any interest in and did not consent to (was not even asked if I do consent). And I don’t care that it is free for three months - it is a problem, and it should never have been done.


It’s all got silly, Curve jumped the gun with Amex and subscriptions, their silence now doesn’t help. They have replied to one person on Twitter so absent there too. It gives me little faith in this company when you look at the likes of Monzo who is slowly building a much larger user base and adding new features slowly. It’s an expensive business which takes years before you turn a profit and I only hope Curve can weather the storm as it really is a great and new innovation in UK banking.


The Techcrunch article makes the situation a little clearer for me, and pretty much lays the blame squarely at Amex’s door. Will wait to see what tomorrow’s statement is before making judgement and laying blame.


I am not sure that is the correct interpretation of the Techcrunch article. Amex is under no obligation to sign up any merchant and it seems as if Curve had a merchant agreement, with the concomitant obligations of that agreement, rather than anything bespoke. Given that there ought to have been considerable discussion with Amex, the situation suggests a lack of communication with Amex by Curve: Amex’s communications suggest that Curve had sought permission for a closed beta but then launched to the public at large, disingenuously claiming this was an “open beta”. In any case, I am sure that there will be future clarification by all parties.


Mic drop.

Wondering if you are going to charge me now for Black despite no Amex support. Amex support won’t come back. They have been ramping up their marketing efforts for years now introducing Amex to smaller merchants creating acceptance. They are not interested in the lower rates you pay them nor losing the data they won’t be collecting by processing everything through you?

In regards to travel insurance, this stuff comes standard w employment, I have two now… would love not to pay for it. Also, the “gadget insurance” is misleading. It is not an insurance. This is just cover for your gadgets when you travel and doesn’t replace let’s say Apple care. You break your screen at home right now, this insurance won’t cover the damage. I don’t think people realise this. It’s not a benefit unless you are on the go.


Hello Curve.

Please can I ask.
I have been a curve black card user for over a year plus.
Looking at my updated App , it says I have now a curve blue??

This seems wrong to me…

How do I get it back to show I have curve black? The original one?

As I am not on Curve Blue.

Any help please



No chance of a reply here mate!


I am sure that the majority of your users are young, but for those of us that are not, the cut-off age of 70 for the insurance is poor. Why not 80 as other cards, or at least allow a top up premium for age.