Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



No, it has an e-money licence not a banking licence: Hence, there is no FSCS coverage. They are supposed to segregate client funds, but that is different.


It should be in the bottom of the announcement email we send out with instructions on how it all works.


Can you clarify please @Curve_Marie I don’t see any instructions on how to verify my grandfathered tier.


@Curve_Marie I upgraded to Metal before the grandfathering system was announced (like 2 days before, and should be easy to verify). I would NOT have done so if I had known the grandfathering option would be available. From your update it seems I have 2 months to do so, how do I go about this?


No, they have an e-money license in the UK but a full banking license in Germany


Correct, Wirecard Bank AG has a full banking license since 2006


These insurances on travel and on gadgets are not available in my country in Europe, but the price remains the same -> 9,99€ /month! The “new subscription” for the black card still costs the same price even witout these insurances. I do not see the point why I shouldnt keep the Black Legacy Card without paying any monthly subscriptions. Or do i miss something here?


When you upgraded to Metal there is no way back to Curve Legacy black.


There is a lot of information and it is a bit confusing. Just to make sure:

If I was Black user prior to 27 January:

  1. I will be moved to the new Black automatically.
  2. I have 3 months (or 6, if I was part of beta) to opt in for the grandfathering tier
  3. I will be notified about this before the respective window lapses
  4. If I decide to move to the Metal tier, I have 2 months (or 4 if I was part of beta) for free
  5. If I decide to move to Metal, there is no way back to the “Legacy Black”.

Is my understanding correct?

This is a shame, you do not let current users try the highest tier, or at the very least offer this to the Beta testers. While I would like to test the metal tier and most likely would stay on that tier, not being able to do so without a fallback option makes me reluctant to do so. Perhaps this is something to reconsider?


Your understanding seems to be the same as my understanding. We’ll see how this plays out in 3 months, whether we’ll automatically be downgraded to legacy black since there’s no CC attached for my subscription.

It’s a shame, but the main difference between Black and Metal is the unlimited fee free Amex and the metal card. I think trying Amex with £1000 per month is more than sufficient to determine if something like Metal would be suitable or not.


Yes, you are correct.


I can tell you now, I have no desire for yet another insurance policy from yet another bank … I already have multiple policies that I don’t want / need with my current bank(s) as part of their “benefits”

I also have no desire/need/wish to use Amex …

Leave me as a legacy user, don’t even bother offering me the “free trial” as it really isn’t going to be of any use to me, and I really don’t want you sharing my details with 3rd parties (such as AXA/etc) anyway …

If I have to start paying a subscription, or find my details being randomly sold/passed to 3rd parties then I’m off … Curve is useful to me, but not worth yet another monthly fee.

Now if everything we paid for on Curve came with 90 days no quibble purchase insurance, that might be more useful … Like Barclaycard used to offer 20 years ago … but that’s a blank cheque and makes no business sense.


The current plan seems to be if you make no selection (either to stay on New Black or to switch to Legacy Black) you’ll be switched to New Blue.


So I reckon that’ll be a ‘no’ then. :thinking:

I must say you’ve made a splash after just three hours on the forum. Hopefully you’ll find more constructive points as you read on…:smirk:


@Curve_Marie how long is a limited time?


How do I know what curve card I have, my card says Beta and its a grey/black colour but my app says blue/current plan


@Lucas Unless each Curve cardholder has his or her own account with that banking entity (presumably going through KYC to open it), there is no deposit protection. Curve itself will not qualify for deposit protection on its own account (corporate entities are excluded unless very small) and EUR 100,000 would not go very far anyway for the whole of Curve.

As far as I can see, at best, these balances are held in a segregated account but are not deposit insured. Clearly, Curve would be best placed to confirm.


Oh hmm, that doesn’t seem user friendly since I don’t think Blue is better than Legacy Black in any way. Hopefully CS can respond to everything in a timely manner, I guess just don’t leave it to the last minute or hope an automated process is offered?


Now that Metal is no longer being offered and one of the key reasons for switching to Metal (unlimited Amex top-ups) is no longer available, will you be offering a full refund of the £150 paid and consider offering people to revert to the original Black account?


I’m sure many of your have many questions regarding the current AmEx situation.
Please be patient and wait til the Curve team have come up with a game plan.
They’ll let us know ASAP once they have some news.

Asking via email / in app ticket / in the forum the same question several times will not speed up the process, it will actually slow it down since the Curve team will need to read and reply to more messages.

So please be patient.