Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



Hi, sorry if my questions has been answered above, but there are a lot of posts. I’ve just updated my android app and found out that Amex is back for me, but I’m unclear on a few bits.

  1. I’m an old black card, will I automatucally be grandfathered after 3 months or will I need to opt out of new black to retain grandfathered black benefits. I’m happy to try new black but I won’t be paying for the service once my trial is over, so I want the option to opt out of subscribing.
  2. how will I be able to do question 1. I cannot see any mention of grandfather options in the new app
  3. when does the 3 month trial start from?
  4. will I still have 3% curve rewards if I choose to grandfather? The app says 1%, but I was on lifetime 3%.
  5. with grandfathered black, I assume I will have Amex option, but I will need to pay 0.65%
  6. if I were to claim on the insurance during the trial period, would this have any impact on grandfather back to old black after the trial?

Personally, I think the grandfathered option is generous of you. I know some feel we should get free Amex, but I am more than happy at the current grandfathered setup, especially as I can use curve for those fee transactions where Amex isn’t accepted. Thanks Curve :slight_smile:



So many posts… I have tried to read as much as I could… but then it got confusing.

I’m currently a Black card holder. I’ve just entered the beta to try out the Amex etc. I received the email confirming the insurance for Travel and Gadget with my policy number. My first question; I received documents for Travel but nothing for Gadget… are these actually available yet.

Question 2; I currently have no access to my rewards… I’m guessing because I’m stuck in limbo between new black and old… am I thinking correctly but I still earn rewards (3%) when I spend in particular stores listed?

Question 3; how do I go an give this new black card subscription a whirl and pick my own stores and receive the 1% instead… or am I unable to do that as a Beta Tester currently?

Question 4; reading the original post… I am right in thinking I can upgrade to new black for 6 months fee free and if I prefer old black… I can drop back to that?

These may have already been answered in another post so I’m sorry I advanced.

Hope someone can help. Thanks :slight_smile:


Just to answer your first question, the gadget insurance is included in the travel insurance, with the limit of £800 coverage. Just read the Ts and Cs attached in the email and you’ll get all the answers. To be honest, you should do that so you know what are covered. For example, the travel insurance does not cover winter sport, or the gadget insurance does not include accidental damage to mobile phones, but it’s covering other gadgets for accidental damage etc …


Unsurprisingly, many important questions are being repeated and will continue to do so. I’m sure it will help Curve to help us if the they’re able to dedicate a resource to forming a set of FAQs.

Given the complexity, might it help if these are developed incrementally, rather than us waiting for the finished list? That way we can assist with sense- checking as we go.

@Curve_Marie - how about a few a day over the coming weeks?



I just got an update for the app, and leaving aside the fact that some UX stuff changed, I noticed that I’m part of the Black subscription, which is fine, but also got an insurance policy number? Don’t remember the Opt-in button for that. Also doesn’t mention wether if I’m using a trial period for it, or the actual price after the trial. I’ve been a customer since 2016, so I guess I’ll keep using the Old Black Card ‘subscription’? -free-


Hi @Curve_Marie, what about customers outsides the UK with an “old” black card who whished to switch to the new Metal when she is going to be available ?
Are we gonna have a discount on the Metal ?


Thank you for that. In reality, for £9.99… it is a poor insurance for gadgets. I get a lot better cover through my bank for an extra £2, and that covers accidental damage to a mobile phone. Is it the same cover with the Metal Card Subscription?

The way its going, I don’t think I’ll subscribe to this Black or Metal Subscription… as nothing is working out better for me, which is a real shame. Hopefully Curve will look at this and re-think.


Working on the FAQs as we write and will share it on the community today. Thank you for contributing to the conversation and asking good questions. I’ll post the link to the FAQs here on the thread and in the original post.


You can find them here: We Have Launched Metal - UK!


You have a free trial period which gives you access to the insurance benefits. If you don’t want to subscribe at the end of the trial you can be ‘grandfathered’.


Ok, but it doesn’t say when it expires, of how can I stop it beforehand from renewing.
It’s super misleading, because it doesn’t even mention how much money this new subscription is.


You can find all fees here:
You will receive a message in the app before the end of the free trial


Any particular reason why both of the trial periods have been halved from what was initially stated.
Trial of new black was 6months now 3 and upgrade.of new metal was 4 months rather than 2.
Bit sneaky editing that since the announcement


I don’t remember that, what I DO remember is they offered to refund the £50 and you could cancel your account or, I recall, downgrade to Blue. I stuck with them but I did stick with them on the hope Amex would return and, as an AMEX user who is an “AMEX man”, the functionality of being able to pay with it where it wasn’t accepted was a MAJOR point of Curve. I have lounge access and Insurance through AMEX, don’t need them through N26 or Curve. So I AM disappointed that I wont get the £1000 free top up mentioned but I can live with it as cant see why I would spend 1k through Curve rather than directly through Amex and I wouldn’t expect Curve to introduce a smaller level of fee free Amex use to the grandfather layer but it would be nice to have.


I can understand that some people feel ‘tricked’ cause they feel like something has taken away from them and they want it back. We have to keep in mind that the old AmEx feature was removed because AmEx forced Curve to do so and didn’t allow it anymore. That is something out of Curve’s control.
The new AmEx feature is a total different system and if we want to have Curve around in the long run, they need to be profitable.
Lets say we all would receive all benefits for free now without any fee, that would be cool for 1 or 2 months, but then Curve would need to close since they’d burn only money. So in 1 or 2 months there would be a huge outcry again because Curve is not around anymore.
So keep in mind that its a process of give and take, we also need support Curve to make it profitable.
Even if its not against the fair use policy I never use an ATM with my curve card (only have tested it once in all the years) to not create unecessary costs on Curve’s side.
I understand that of course I could use ATM withdrawals within the fair use policy but I don’t see the point, it only costs Curve high fees and I rather use my brick and mortar bank card for that.


So, I’ll have to downgrade to Blue at the end of the trial if I want to keep it close?
Despite the fact that I’ve been using it since 2016?



Sorry, what do you mean by that? Do you mean ‘if you want to keep it free’?
If you were on Black before subscription launched you can become grandfathered which will have no monthly fees and will have the same features as the black card had before subscription started. You can even use AmEx - the AmEx feature will cost exactly the same as for the new Blue card.


Where are the funds added to the Amex wallet kept? I see various people have asked this on the forum, but I have not seen a response from Curve. Curve does not have a banking licence so the funds are not covered by FSCS. What are the custody arrangements? @Curve_Marie @Lucas @james3uk


You guessed it @Curve_Marie is working on that :wink: