Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



“Company has the right to end a contract”. I think it is more complicated than that. @Lucas

As for the change in solution, let me argue by analogy. Originally, I set up a product that allowed you to use, say, Visa. It used a backend API that customers did not see just like all other card processing: customers do not see my backend and do not care. I change the solution to a pre-paid wallet (a legacy solution) and introduce a fee after a very considerable delay. The end result to you is the same, namely using the Visa card: in fact, it is much less convenient upon proper analysis as I now charge you 0.65% of the amount.

How does that add value to the client? The end product to you is the same, i.e.using a Visa card, and now it costs 0.65%: rather like, in economic terms, if I offered you 0.65% interest and then changed it to be 0.00%. I am sure that all businesses would like to pass through their costs to their clients: yet, most manage a rather more subtle approach

Curve is now trying what is, in effect, a bundled current account product (in terms of ‘benefits’). All UK retail banks tried that years ago and now do not. Why will Curve do any better? The trouble is that Curve, in my submission, has a very cool set of ideas but makes no money: hence, it wants to change its model to a monthly fee and % commission.


I’m not too concerned about the Amex element being chargeable, I get it and will use curve accordingly.

What curve have done badly is on the marketing/communicating. It’s caused confusion (with me) and animosity and resentment (from others). There shouldn’t of been a situation of A legacy black card (perpetual) and new black (subscription). Clearly differentiate the tiers like blue/black/ruby/metal or whatever names, state the old benifits for blue/black and ne benifits for ruby/metal. That would of made the situation so much more palletable. Oh and state you can change tiers once per annum.


@Lucas If you are “grateful” that a company provides what it contracted to provide, I submit that you are not representative and would benefit from a short course in law! The point is that it was part of the “old model”.


Totally agree, although it was iOS only when they had Amex previously so us Android users were excluded then anyway. However my key point was re the effective refund they offered at that point? (I remember there being debate about some additional spend being required but it did get the £50 back was my understanding…)


For someone who’s been a forum member, it seems, for only a matter of hours, you’re certainly making up for lost time :flushed:.

You maybe making some valid points but, regrettably, some of the essence is being lost in the verbosity. I’m all for a well-reasoned argument but I struggle to appreciate yours, expressed this way.

Curve have worked closely with this forum during the past week or so to refine it’s offering, and I for one am grateful for their flexible approach and willingness to listen. They’ll recognise though, that there’s work to be done now to polish the messaging around the Curve options. @Curve_Marie is onto that.

Telling someone to take a law course so as to be better briefed on this forum is, to my mind, high-handed and plain unfriendly. No need, Jonathon.


I had no intention to be unfriendly: perhaps I am a lawyer and post as such? I see one of my posts has been suppressed as “inappropriate”: most surprising, not least as I have been a Curve member since 2016 and the content is not at all inappropriate…


What do you want @Sharka? What would make you happy right now? Or is it you just want to rant? Because, as @Graham stated, your point is getting lost.


Indeed, the suppressed post merely stated that Curve’s new Amex functionality was that originally promised in 2016 and quoted the CEO. Will this post also be suppressed?


I would be happy with a grandfathering of Amex functionality without cost for those who joined when Amex functionality was present for free, on or before May 2016.


I’m afraid some of your posts have come across as quite unfriendly, even if not intended as such. I’m also still unclear as to whether you received the £50 credit that covered the original cost of Black or not?


I can understand @Sharka’s disappointment in this. Although I’m not an early Black adopter, I upgraded from Blue to Black because of the Twitter announcement on Amex support in late 2018, and the fact that they were simply saying “Black card will have up to £1000 Amex spending fee-free”, without stating that it’d part of a new Black tier service.

Here is the original blog:

Though I think I’ve just accepted the fact the Amex feature will never be free for legacy Black, and also I appreciate Curve is trying to make Curve service a long term, sustainable business …


And that’s the wider point, I reckon. I’d rather see Curve achieve a sustainable business model for the long term, even if, in so doing, the customer needs to compromise.

I’m conscious that Curve is unique in the marketplace and I’d really struggle to manage my cards without it (that’s coming from a non-Amex user).

Onward and upward eh? :grin:


I’ve actually only just signed up now to (legacy) Black, having researched the current benefits offered and read the proposed future devlopments in the blog post and have to say I’m pretty disappointed. Clearly the mention of Metal suggested that a premium subscription tier was on the horizon, but it’s hard not to read some of the other messaging as a bit disingenuous.

The idea of fee-free AMEX integration was of particular interest, so to see that touted as a future Black feature was a big selling point. That this turns out to effectively be a feature of an entirely different subscription product of the same name (different charges, different benefits) is very disappointing, I can only assume that any other attractive-looking developments (proposed expanded cash back scheme, etc) will also be limited to the subscription model in future?

Debating whether to just cancel now :confused:


On a different note, what happens to funds credited to the wallet under the proposed “new” Amex solution? Are the funds held as a deposit in the cardholder’s name with FSCS protection? If not, are they held in a segregated account?


I believe the ‘compensation’ people are referring to was only given if the cardholder spent £1000 on the curve card within a specified period and they received £50 in reward points. They were never refunded the original fee for the black card. I’m surprised original blue cardholders are not as unhappy as they also received the Amex benefit for free but with a lower limit.


Indeed - although not that hard a target and Curve Rewards is effectively cash so not that bad. As I say Android users didn’t even have a look-in!


@Shelly I believe you are correct about whatever was done in 2016: it was not a refund of the original card fee, was contingent on additional spend and was in the form of non-cash voucher; I have already posted the email sent at the time that suggested Amex acceptance would come back after a “pause” in a similar form to that which previously existed.

@MS The more recent communication you post does indeed read as if the existing Black card is to be enhanced with new benefits: I presume that communication is from late 2018.

I should hope that Curve will offer £1,000 Amex fee-free to all Black cardholders. For those who joined prior to May 2016, it would seem sensible to waive the £1,000 limit additionally.

As an aside, there is a disconnect between Amex acceptance and medical/travel insurance in many ways as I imagine that large numbers of Amex-holding Curve customers will have, for example, Amex Platinum or similar with its travel and medical insurance and/or already have coverage elsewhere.


I take it you received that £50 Curve Rewards offer though at the time @Sharka? If not might be worth contacting support to say you weren’t notified of it (although whether they’d be willing to still honour it is another matter).


After the 3 months trial, do I need do anything to go back the old black card?


Marie - forced to join here due to recent developments. Are you guys sure about proper homework? I got “Accidentally” upgraded to subscription without my consent thanks to the app update & I reviewed the insurance. I am sure - it is a weak offering and causes some gripes wrt current issuers. You can find the review here - AXA travel insurance with black and metal

Can we OPT OUT of this insurance?