Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



“Pause” suggests a temporary hiatus with future reinstatement on equivalent terms. My recollection is that Curve did not handle this too well at the time, with a paucity of explanation of why the Amex functionality was ‘paused’. Their initial marketing emphasised the ability to pay with Amex when Amex was not handled directly by the merchant and a great many subscribed based upon that premise: HfP articles at the time, as you note, showed the degree of dissatisfaction (I imagine that everyone there signed up because of the Amex functionality). @ediflyer


sorry I couldn’t find it. What do I get for those 150 apart from a more heavy weighing metal card? I didn’t found the features?


Please see here:


From May 2016 (my emphasis):

"I’m Shachar, the CEO of Curve. Today we’ve got some disappointing news. American Express have asked us to pause their functionality with Curve – which means you will not be able to use your Curve card with your Amex for the time being. This begins at midday on May 31st UK time – you’ll shortly receive another email with practical details of what will happen when we pause the American Express functionality – your Curve will continue to work with MasterCard and Visa.

American Express want to ensure there is a seamless customer support process for their Members when using their Card with Curve. We’re continuing discussions with their management, and hope that American Express decide to come back to Curve soon."

The “pause” is now at an end, admittedly almost three years later: the old terms regarding Amex should reasonably apply to this subset of pre-May 2016 cardholders. @Curve_Marie


Is there any chance to use Amex top up for owners of The old black card? E.g with topup fee


A ‘marketing’ pause is not the same as a ‘legal’ pause.

Terms change: The new terms apply to the new set of T&Cs.


Again, the current amex product is fundamentally different from the one before, so no, the “pause” has not ended and will not end. If you didn’t receive compensation when the previous implenetation ended (most people seemingly did), then it’s a fair argument so say you should receive it. To say you’re somehow entitled to the current amex product, which is not the same thing is incorrect

No one ever promised you access to an amex ewallet


I await a response from Curve to my submissions and those of others who have made similar points.

I do not really understand what you mean by a “marketing pause”: is that what you call it when you take away a core feature for three years and wish to detract attention from the fact, hoping that no-one remembers? @centurion

Of course, I do not suggest that T&Cs are immutable (however, they clearly exist within a wider legal and societal context): nonetheless, unilaterally changing them and, three years later, reintroducing functionality at a cost when it was originally present for free is most odd conduct; the representations at the time clearly indicate that the functionality would return under similar terms and much sooner. It cannot reasonably have taken three years to think of the idea of pre-funding a wallet, can it? After all, that is what prepaid cards have been doing for years.

The problem is that Curve appears to have had no fixed business plan or even consistent value proposition and, as other commentators have mentioned, rushes changes through without necessarily thinking through the consequences. I suppose it is terribly exciting making it up as you go along, but it does not lead to a profitable and sustainable business model nor content customers. It reminds me very much of the Dotcom Bubble in the late 1990s, when cashflow was ignored for a period.

I presume the new metal subscription model attempts to address sustainability, but you wonder about the last three years. Many of these new value-added features are already embedded in the underlying credit cards that Curve users have by definition: such is especially the case for those who use Amex. As such, things like “gadget insurance” are redundant for most users. Indeed, the new monthly metal subscription reminds me of the value-added current accounts that banks used to offer. There is a reason they do not exist as they used to: regulatory intervention and consumer realisation that these bundled benefits were illusory or could be obtained more cheaply on disaggregation.

Anyway, what Curve is now introducing for Amex is what it used to do - for free - back in 2016.


We did our homework here, and it’s certainly not a rushed a decision. Although some customers do have insurance, there are many that does not and would like to have access it through Curve. There are also cases where the insurance we offer with AXA Travel Insurance is a better fit for their needs compared to their current providers.

The respective customers are not left out - we roll our as much as we can, as soon as we can. Our team is working tirelessly on expanding the offer to all our customers.

Please familiarise yourself with the forum. There are existing answers and discussions on the questions you have brought forward.

@Sharka As @megamaster pointed out: this is not the same solution for enabling you to use Amex with Curve, the original solution has been discontinued. In order to bring back Amex we introduced the Amex wallet, which is what we charge a service fee on. As a Curve Black cardholder you can top up your Amex wallet up to £1,000 per months for free.

@Bentoni You will earn points while using your Curve card and you will be able to use them in a few weeks. There’s more information on this in the Terms of Service for the beta.


Will Curve notify beta testers when the grace period ends? How will the transition work at that point - default to the grandfathered Curve Black, or default to the new Curve Black with monthly subscription? Or even account suspended until you’ve made a choice?

Personally, I think default to the grandfathered Black makes sense. Less risk of someone crying foul months down the line because they’ve been paying for new Black without realising it.


We should move on about the AmEx features from years ago. Its a fact the former AmEx feature has ended and as of right now, is not coming back. The new AmEx wallet is a total new feature that has nothing to do with the old “charge underlying AmEx card” feature.
And I also do not like the idea of someone being “entitled” to a certain bonus just because they were able to use a feature that has been discontinued.
Curve values long time users and beta testers, thats why they are offering the chance of getting Grandfathered, which is more than generous! They could have also just terminated the account with no reason. Just a reminder, thats what Revolut and N26 does when you user “their service” too much.
Like the former 999€ / day Cash26 cash recycling.
Any company has the right to end a contract, so we all should be happy we can be grandfathered instead of Curve saying: “hey, you dont like the new change, then don’t use us anymore / we cancel the contract”
But again, it has been discussed enough times about this.


Yes, there will be a notification informing us of the end of the grace period


Many thanks Marie for getting back to me, much appreciated! Great to hear that it is being planned to roll it out for all customers. Thanks for the confirmation. Nevertheless, I do still think that it’s not a good policy to charge those clients the same amount till the full range of service is available. Especially as it seems that the timeline for a gradual roll-out is not (yet) set in stone.

And as mentioned before, it was mainly a feedback. I do think Curve is doing a great job and it certainly offers a value added that I (and also others) are prepared to pay. It’s just that delivery of the services based on the new strategy could somewhat be smoother and more defined.


I agree with this 100%


Our customers are reciting across 27 countries, we do not wish to hold back features until we can deliver to all at once :slight_smile: We ship what we have and intend to expand all our offer to all of our customers.


I do understand your point and hope that it will be a quick rollout! And many thanks for your support you are providing here :hugs:


The change in “solution” seems irrelevant to me. The root of the issue is being able to use Amex with curve. Three years later, there is a new “solution”: prepaying a wallet rather than using a charging API. Why was the “original solution” discontinued and why has it taken three years for this new, quite obvious, “solution” to be adopted. As a legacy Black cardholder, are you saying I will get £1,000 per month; or, are you saying I need to upgrade? @Curve_Marie


But can can’t be grandfathered back to legacy black from a metal trial so should we be greatful?


Former solution was discontinued because AmEx didn’t allow it anymore.
Did you get reimbursed for the “loss” of the former AmEx feature? If so, what’s the hassle now?
And no, no free AmEx top up, it costs the same as the Blue version for AmEx.


Yes, absolutely. We should be grateful for keeping the same benefits for free. It’s a positive surprise that we can even use AmEx wallet in grandfathered even thou it was not part of the old model.