Current Curve Black cardholders: Subscriptions and Grandfathering



I would have liked to have been but sadly they were iOS only for months and Amex functionality had gone by time of launch on Android!


Agreed, the product is great - and still unique in the marketplace - but we shouldn’t expect Curve to develop their service purely according to this forum. Sure, it should listen, and it certainly grasped the issues around subscription very quickly and changed direction.

That, I’d suggest, is a rarity. The forum is, after all, a tiny proportion of the customer base.

But on this occasion, the popular vote was heeded - probably because it was acknowledged there was definitely a better way. Other issues won’t be so clear-cut.


Appreciate the changes announced here. Though confused how @Graham can close my own topic discussing my issues with the curve black subscription programme. Bit harsh I think given no link is given to the fresh topic/announcement here.

It was simply closed by @Curve_Marie at the instruction of a random forum member :confused:


My suggestion was more about celebrating the success achieved yesterday - nothing about devaluing the topic. (Been called many things, but “random”’ is a new one. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Would like to echo the above. Give me a solid reason into why I should invest my money into your product/platform/app not ‘add-ons’ and without a doubt I will subscribe. But thank you to the Curve team to listening to our concerns and opinions! I’m feeling a lot more positive about this outcome and I’m sure I’m not speaking for my self here. Thank you again!


@Graham didn’t close your topic, I did. From our Code of Conduct :point_down:

This topic was referred to in two posts, but I’ve added the link in the final post to make it easier to navigate.


This is something I mentioned before the launch on this forum. When you aim at people with several payment cards, it’s likely that among the lot one will already have insurance, lounge, concierge etc.
My feel is that the metal card is aimed at people with just a free basic debit/card card I don’t expect those to be the main customer base.


When I signed up for the original black card amex usage for no fee was included.


Yes to yearly fees. I can’t find the link (it’s in this thread somewhere), but it looked like the offering for metal on the mock-ups was going to be £14.99/m or £150/yr.

Of course, please do look out for the official announcement as the correct source of this.


A yearly metal subscription is £150.


We created a new solution to enable using Amex with your Curve card - the Amex wallet. There’s no charge for spending with your Amex card, however, we need to cover the new cost of the wallet via a service fee when you top up.


Will we be able to delay the start of the 6 month trial of ‘new’ Curve Black? I would like to start it a later date of my choosing.


For those not familiar with the term, can you explain “Grandfathering”, please?


@Graham Grandfathering is when an old rule (“original” Curve Black) continue to apply to an existing situation (current Curve Black cardholders) while the new rule (new Curve Black) will apply to all future cases (new customers) - I’ll update the original post with the explanation :slight_smile:

No, the trial starts when the we launch subscriptions. You can become grandfathered after the trial period if you’d like.


Thank you Curve! I thought I was going to lose you! Fantastic stuff. Don’t care about the Amex stuff, since I don’t own an Amex.


So to confirm, if I’m on the original black card with permanent 3% rewards I can remain on that type of account?


But with your feedback me might become better and more affordable than competitors or your underlying cards, so you can potentially save money or get more features.


@Curve_Marie quick questions.

I am interested in upgrading to Metal but I am curious to see how the cards look realistically (they look very nice on the app). Don’t you have like real pictures you can share with us?

Also, when are you guys expecting to know the details about Loungekey?

If we pay in advance the metal membership do we still get the 4 months free deducted, I can’t seem to find any option?

Cheers and thanks in advance :slight_smile:


Friend of mine has a revolut metal card. It’s black and after a couple of weeks of use it’s chipped and the silver shows through on the edges.


Do the original Black users have to go through the 6 months trial of the new subscription? Because the post suggests that updating the app would activate this.

Is there a way to just continue with original Black Curve even when the app is updated?