Crowdfunding for Curve


As many of you may be aware, we are in the process of raising our series B funding round and have some exciting growth plans.

We wanted to open up the discussion of Crowdfunding to you, our valued community.

Would you be interested in investing in Curve?

Have you previously invested in other Fintechs? If so, who? What was the experience like for you?

Support Curve?

Yes, deffinitaly.

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I have invested in Monzo before and the process was straight forward. All done through the Monzo app which made it even more appealing.

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Would def. be interested, but would need MUCH more information about Curve’s financial information, aka how Curve intends to make money in the future, when Curve plans on hitting the break-even-point, …


Thank you for reaching out Lucas! To clarify, this post is simply to gauge interest in Curve including a Crowdfunding allocation. We aren’t looking for any form of commitment, rather seeing whether our community would like us to consider this!

If we were to move forward formally with a Crowdfunding raise, all relevant information and details would be passed on in due course with full transparency!

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Understood, but nonetheless, some indication of general direction of travel would be useful at this stage. For instance, why might Curve want to crowd fund?


I’d love some sort of crowdfunding benefit, maybe a investor card :wink:


Yes sure why not?

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I’d love to. I truly believe in Curve, it’s an awesome product!


I can’t see myself investing at this point. Too many things (not least the Amex debacle) have left me with very little confidence in Curve’s senior leadership.


Sure, I would like to invest in Curve. I have invested in other companies as well

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of course interested!

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interested why not but depends what is offered in return

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Yes absolutely.

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I wasn’t offered anything other than a replacement card with “Investor” on it when I invested with Monzo. What ideas do you have for incentive?


I’d personally would be happy with that with Curve! :+1:


Probably … yes:metal::+1:

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Well personally would like a investor metal card (maybe titanium -))) but then would like if they gave better rewards for the investors so it compliments the investment which would encourage people to invest or even reduce the subscription fee to curve metal … there are several options …


I’m not even happy with the “investment” as a consumer (50£ for lifetime black with promise of Amex etc), so I can’t see myself investing in terms of expecting to make profit on my investment. I just don’t have the information to decide wheather there is a possibility for that.
Accor (hotel chain) offered all investors some pretty substantial perks a few years ago, so that might be a way to lure small investors on board.


I would be interested but as stated above curve Snr leadership need to add transparency and ban the phrase “coming soon” and give accurate dates and deliver on them.