Confused on rewards for new metal/black


Currently on the black card with Curve Rewards.

Want to upgrade to metal but I’m confused what the rewards scheme will be.

  • will i maintain curve rewards or will I lose that?
  • if i get the 1% cashback on 6 fav retailers, does that only last 90 days?
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You’ll find information about this here:



I think it would have been better to explain the situation to us in more detail.

For instance the Metal card is offering “1% on 6 select retailers”. Shouldn’t this say “Selected retailers” or is it to be taken literally in which case I can select the 6 retailers?

Furthermore if upgrading from Black to this and being on the old 3% table is this even applicable to me?



So, I’m on the old curve black and have been given a free trial to the new black.

When I go to ‘Active Connections’ it gives me the option to ‘add more retailers’ - This then gives me the option to upgrade to ‘curve black’…Haven’t I already been upgrdaded? Will pressing the ‘upgrade’ button disqualify me from being grandfathered back to the old curve black after the 3-month trial?

Or, because I’m technically not a ‘new customer’, am I inelligible for rewards during the 3-month trial?



I’ve just upgraded from a Blue account to a Metal account. My intro offer with 3 retailers has expired but Metal offers 6 retailers. Shouldn’t I at least get those extra 3 retailers for the intro offer?



Here it says:

"What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You’ll stay on your current programme. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer."

So if you are not a new customer (so if you have upgraded from blue or legacy black) and your picks (selected retailers) have expired, they will stay expired.

January Launch FAQs have been updated so my answer above is outdated:

"What will happen to my Rewards/Cashback programme?

You can stay on your current programme or request to restart the 90 days period. New customers signing up will have access to the 90 days introductory offer."


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