Christmas Cashback

Mine was doing this before I updated. Refresh app update page and there may be another update pending. You know if you have the latest update because a page asks if you want to ‘Claim your gift’.

BUT BE AWARE that the latest update has broken the curve app locking after closing it. It stays open unless you close the app.

Since updating to the latest version of the ios app and updating my cashback choices, I find that closing the app does not automatically lock it now. It used to be the case that I had to input a passcode or thumb print to open the app again, but no longer. This needs fixing asap.

In the new ios app how can you tell which curve cash retailers you have selected?

I’m on legacy Black, so I don’t even get this (but got the email anyway)


I am also on Legacy Black (but not on the old Rewards system) and I have been able to choose 6 new retailers.

I am on Android, but I guess by pressing the ‘i’ below your Curve Cash card. On Android it is a little blue gearwheel (instead of an ‘i’) and by pressing it I can see my retailers.


Once chosen where do you see what you‘ve picked?

Thanks for that. Now working that way too on iOS. Wasn’t working before.

Missed the small print :roll_eyes:

Clicked the gear wheel and can see my current cashback retailers, but cann6see how to change …

Did you update your app first (also in the email :wink:)? On Android I am on 2.13.8 now. When you first open the app after the update there is a message, by clicking it you can change your retailers.

Yes but I got this

need to update the app and it eventually works

took a few goes through app store

now working - nice way to trial curve cash to capture those wavering about updating to metal when HMRC “fee” comes in but don’t want insurance or lounge or gadget

clever move Curve - I’m impressed!

Despite showing the screen above the retailers did update to my new chosen ones.

Same on Android, Curve app crash when i select curve cash.

Please ensure you’re on the latest app, then log-out and back in.

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I got the email I clicked to change retailers so do I know use my normal debit card or do I have to use the cash card in app?

To earn Curve Cash use your Curve Card with an underlying Credit- or Debit Card selected at your chosen retailers.
To spend the Curve Cash use your Curve Card with the Curve Cash Card selected at any place that accepts MasterCard.

So as per normal then just when I opened the app the cash card was selected instead.

All done … nice list of retailers. Would be nice if you could update 1 or 2 every 6 months :slight_smile:

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