Choose which card a refund is applied to

Give some option for refund

They could give us the notification in the app then they receive a refund
And give us the choice to pick a card

We just received 15 bucks from Amazon, which card should be used?

Should be easy enough
Or set a default refund card, and add category etc

That is a brilliant idea. Would be really a good useful function :heart_eyes: problem is that I guess they have their hands full with a lot of other stuff at the moment :frowning:

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I would love that too! That would be a very useful feature.

I also would like to see the status of pending refunds etc, as don’t think it’s that easy to filter via app.

I doubt choosing a different card for a refund to go back to will be an option due to money-laundering laws.

Already in place
If you get a refund from a store
Curve need to ask you which card to use

Or if they cant find the payment

This is not happening for me - the original transaction just gets refunded (have had this happen over the last month with Amazon and online supermarket delivery)

IME they would only ask you if there wasn’t a clear transaction that the refund applied to (mainly for partial refunds occurring quite a while after the original transaction), otherwise it just automatically goes back on the original card. I can’t see them wanting to voluntarily put it back on a different card as I would have thought they’d miss out on the interchange fee refund if doing so.