Childcare .gov account

Why can’t curve be used to pay into my tax free childcare scheme? Is there an easy solution to this? @Curve_Marie

Which Curve card do you have Nathan? The original beta version was not accepted as it was not recognised as a debit card, but I have used the new Mastercard version to pay my tax on the site so it is not a site issue.

Out of interest is this with an Amex card underpinning it Nathan (I see you are a beta tester.)

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It is a new card. I also use it to pay HMRC. It is specifically the childcare account that doesn’t work. It didn’t work prior to being a beta tester either.

Hello @nathanwelch,
This should be possible as long as you are using a debit card as a funding card and you have the Curve Debit card. Have you had the chance to contact as ask them why it hasn’t been possible to pay the childcare scheme specifically?

@Curve_Marie I think it’s a 3DS problem. Is this in the pipeline for curve to fix?

It’s not on the Curve's Product Roadmap yet, but 3DS or some alternative has been suggested.

@nathanwelch I am getting this problem too. I am using the Curve metal card and it doesn’t work on the childcare gov site with either a debit card or credit card backing it.

Is there any solution/workaround to this?

Use the underlying card directly?

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Nudge - putting tax free childcare on my credit card would cover a decent portion of the Curve fee. Is there anything that I can ask HMRC as to why the card won’t work?

Been through HMRC’s complaint procedures myself on this - they have banned Curve’s BIN ranges due to high processing fees. It’s outsourced to a third party company who won’t change it - if you kick up a big fuss you’ll get a cheque as compensation from HMRC (I got £200) but they won’t change their policy, they want you using cheaper cards to top up.

My impression is they don’t allow commercial cards of any sort - my curve and business account cards were both declined. I’m not sure if its NS&I / HMRC or the card processor that are imposing this, but its unlikely to change as especially they explicitly don’t allow CC payments.

There are still several prepaid cards you can get and top up for free using Curve (thus getting your cashback/points on the underlying CC) and pay into childcare service with this.

Its a bit contrived, but possibly worth a little extra effort given the high cost of childcare…