Childcare .gov account


Why can’t curve be used to pay into my tax free childcare scheme? Is there an easy solution to this? @Curve_Marie


Which Curve card do you have Nathan? The original beta version was not accepted as it was not recognised as a debit card, but I have used the new Mastercard version to pay my tax on the site so it is not a site issue.

Out of interest is this with an Amex card underpinning it Nathan (I see you are a beta tester.)


It is a new card. I also use it to pay HMRC. It is specifically the childcare account that doesn’t work. It didn’t work prior to being a beta tester either.


Hello @nathanwelch,
This should be possible as long as you are using a debit card as a funding card and you have the Curve Debit card. Have you had the chance to contact as ask them why it hasn’t been possible to pay the childcare scheme specifically?


@Curve_Marie I think it’s a 3DS problem. Is this in the pipeline for curve to fix?


It’s not on the Curve's Product Roadmap yet, but 3DS or some alternative has been suggested.