Check the balance of Curve added cards

I would love to see the balance of my cards on the Curve app, since I always see myself going to the bank apps to do it.

I know that Curve applied to a license to connect with other financial institutions, so, would it be possible to add this feature without this license?

Connecting your money further
We’ve applied for a licence which will let Curve connect to other banks and financial institutions on the Open Banking network, to allow us to bring your money closer to you. With enhanced Insights and Timeline, Curve will be able to be smarter for you, making sure you can focus on the more important things in life.”

some ATM can even some your balance on revolut cards
Even then you travel abroad

So it is possible curve can do the same

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Yes, I can confirm, I remember that some ATM give you that possibility.

And this feature goes perfectly with Curve Send if you want to have more money on a specific card or for you to better select which card to use with Curve Send.

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