Changing my chosen Retailers

How can I change the retailers I initially chose with my card. I didn’t real think about it when I first did it and would. Like to change one.

you could ask support. but its not normal to be able to. once you have chosen thats your lot. unless like at christmas thay send out invite to change - but that came with message saying you could NOT change back.

Hey @Keeno, welcome to the community! It’s best to get in touch with the support team ( in this case and see if they can help out.

Thanks Gregg
All sorted

May The Force Be With You

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These “case by case” things are a big part of why I haven’t upgraded.

I’d prefer a service that has a published policies, e.g. one change every six months, or whatever.

The current system feels capricious and, frankly, a bit unprofessional.

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