Change card PIN using Curve app


It’s true that they tend to me in more touristic locations, however they are in touristic (and some not-so-touristic) locations all over the country. And they don’t have half a dozen ATMs in the center of Lisbon and Porto, they are several hundreds at least. Sadly outnumbering the MB machines by a large margin these days.

They are also plenty at the airports, so you could also change the PIN the next time you fly in or out of the country.

This map isn’t great (it only lists the 100 closest ATMs to the center of the map), but with some panning around you’ll find a bunch of Euronet ATMs all over the country. Just in between Porto and Lisbon I found them in e.g. Coimbra, close to Leiria/Fatima, Figueira da Foz, São Martinho do Porto, Peniche, Ericeira, Nazaré, Torres Vedras, and more. If you live far from the coast or any reasonably sized city, then yes, there might not be on very close.

@megamaster if you shoot me a PM with your location I can see if I can find any Euronet ATMs near you.

@Lucas I believe you can in the Euronet ATMs there as well.


You can check out the Visa ATM map and check the “PIN Change” option. After doing a quick search it looks like at least the HypoVereinsbank/UniCredit ATMs support this.


I tried it at an Sparkasse and Volksbank ATM and u can select a new PIN, but i cant finish the transaction, the ATM broke it up.
Maybe you can try it an an airport or trainstation on a EURONET ATM or a comparable providers.


Thanks for that link, I have been looking for a list of Euronet ATMs for months and didn’t find one. I’ll probably try the one in Torres Vedras.

Of course I was exaggerating when I said half a dozen, but Mulbinanco is everywhere with 12000 ATMs while Euronet has less than 200 and they specifically focus on touristic areas as they make money on credit card withdrawal fees, and Portuguese people know to never withdraw using credit cards. Also, all the places you mentioned are indeed touristic, either beachfront or have a major national monument :wink:


I faced the same issue on an ATM I tried. It was going well until the final step when it was being processed. An error message appeared and I believe the bank wanted me to call their own call center for the credit cards they issue.

I’ll probably have to try a different ATM or a different bank. In my experience the Visa ATMs didn’t work but a bank that issue primarily Mastercards worked better, but obviously the transaction didn’t complete.


Hello ! I just share an info for French users, somebody said here that the PIN code of our Curve could be ( maybe…) change in I.C.E cash dispensers in Paris ( Champs Elysées).
After contact with I.C.E, it seems it’s Not possible to do that. These ATM don’t offer the PIN feature .
Finally, it seems that nowhere in France. :frowning:
Each time a good feature exists, it’s not for us.
I just have a global question about that, …Why is it possible to change the PIN code on MasterCards in some countries, and not in others ?


Same here! No ATM here in Luxembourg can change the PIN code…


I’ve heard it could be possible to modify the Pin Code at the Travelex ATM located in Chatelet.


Precision, the ATMs at I.C.E agency champs Elysées Paris are EURONET models. and the response of Euronet was that there ATM don’t have the PIN feature…
I have changed my PIN a few years ago in UK on a french mastercard at RBS/COUTTS bank, it was working.
well, i agree that Curve should be integer the feature inside the App.


I do confirm I’ve changed my Curve pin code at the ICE Chatelet :
You just need to insert your curve card, select “change pin” and it is done… :slight_smile:


@Will. hello Will !
Well, i keep the info for ICE Chatelet ! But i’m surprised after the response of ICE Paris yesterday…
In fact, we have to try all ourself before believing what is said…:slight_smile:


I hope they did not changed the ATM rules, I have changed my pin in November and it was working


Seems Portuguese systems really do need to catch up with the rest of Europe. Perhaps if you complained to the financial institutions levying this nonsensical restriction.


I don’t know if the problem is catching up. Portuguese payment systems are the most advanced in the world, according to all institutions that give prizes for that kind of stuff and they sure love to brag about it :slightly_smiling_face:.

All Portuguese cards are Multibanco so theres no issue with changing the PIN with those. Only foreign cards will be Visa or MC and by design when inserting foreign cards the machine presents a very barebones interface that only allows to withdraw cash, probably to make it as simple as possible to tourists. They never accounted for Portuguese people having to change Pins in Visa or MC only cards.

I’d rather see Curve catch up and allow us to change the PIN in app :wink:


After many different tries at different places around the city, I finally yesterday succeeded and changed my PIN in Copenhagen in the street Axeltorv 3, 1609, next to the Irma supermarket.


Doesn’t sound very advanced to me having a monopoly payment provider that only works in one country! How many of these awards are Portuguese?

In the UK you can pretty much take any card to any ATM and do any transaction you like…including withdrawing in different currencies in some places (although you’d be crazy to given the exchange rates). Many ATMs also allow you to give to charity (I think…), top up mobile phone accounts directly, and make cash/cheque deposits. One bank also allows you to take cash out of your account using a code you can generate in their app if you’ve lost your card.


Here in France we do have the following feature too ! : You can withdraw cash from ATM without using any credit or debit card. You just go into your account page on your computer, you enter the amount you need, you generate a 8 digits identity number + a 4 digits code.
====> in front of the ATM, you just select " withdraw cash with e-code only", you enter the id. + the 4 digits code, and you get the cash. Several banks offer that feature for free, just limited to a small number of times in the year. ( 5 times maxi i think). Pat


None of those are Portuguese. It wouldn’t account for much if they were, would it?

As for monopolies, nowadays all card are accepted everywhere and it had only to do with merchants not wanting to pay more in interchange to accept Visa/MC. Even now Multibanco is still cheaper in interchange but the difference is 0.1% to 0.2% instead of 0.1% to 2% or something similar

All of the stuff you mentioned you can do here in Portugal, plus way more. Theres pretty much no “advanced” feature you would find anywhere else in the world that we wouldn’t have. It’s Multibanco that develops most of those features and sells them to other countries

As an example withdrawing with a PIN (no card) is a standard banking feature available with any ATM and no matter what bank you use. The feature is soon to be 10 years old.

As another example, fully user configurable (including expirity dates, amount limits, etc.) virtual and disposable cards (choosing between MC, Visa or AMEX) exist also as a standard banking feature since 2002. Revolut introduced the same thing, way more limited actually, and they treat it as some kind of novelty not to mention they charge for it!

Truth is MC and Visa just can’t compete, that’s why no one cares that much if you can’t change Pins at the ATM for foreign cards. It should be doable in app anyway.

And the best is that all the cards are dual scheme with Multibanco and MC or Visa so you have all the features while in Portugal and the card will function like any other MC or Visa while abroad


Sounds really great! Makes me almost want to move to Portugal :wink:! Here in the Netherlands banks are not that advanced at all.


It does sound great! Shame it’s only in Portugal…that’s the big downer!