Cards that are not accepted in Portugal

I am opening this topic but i am not shure if this will help me in anything in the next 6 or 12 months by what i’ve been seeing in here (don’t judge me please)…

Although that … I have a list of cards that are very popular, and have a lot of use here in Portugal.
So, i have many people who I’ve referred to Curve (and not only) asking me about not being able to add them to Curve.
Please check the following BIN’s and give me the information of what’s wrong with them or, please, send them to the team to be whitelisted if possible :slight_smile:

Caixa geral de depósitos - BIN 406170 + BIN 670812 + BIN 529536
BPI - BIN 454703 + BIN 415405
BBVA - BIN 413749
Santander - BIN 429343
Activobank - BIN 454496 + BIN 433391
Novo banco - BIN 375589
Montepio - BIN 479238

Some feedback about this Will be apreciated…
Thank you :slight_smile:

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BIN 433391 from ActivoBank I’ve been asking for since March (!) and the reply is always that it was added to the waitlist, it will take a few weeks. It’s October now!

BIN 670812 from CGD if I’m not mistaken is usually used for Maestro cards, which are not supported

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I second this. I have been trying to verify my Santander Card and it is not working. Already contacted support!

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Can you say something about this?

Just put in the request to add the BINs onto our system :smile:

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BNI - BIN 40825700 not working either.

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Is ActivoBank working on Curve app? Tried to add the card but i cant verify it…