Card verification

Has anyone else ever seen “CRV-Card verification” message instead of the “CRV-CXXXXXXX” that should show up in your bank statement?

When I am adding my card I am getting a SMS from my bank which says the text was “CRV-Card Verification” instead of the code.

On one of my cards there was 5 times “CRV-Card verification” and on 6th was transaction with code.
All 5 card verification was reverted (aftre several days) and the last with code was refunded.

Hey @barhom, if your verification code doesn’t appear on your statement you should get in touch with your bank. They should be able to see the code and provide it to you!

Already did. Seems it is Curve that isn’t doing the transaction.

I would know if the transaction happened because I get a SMS for every transaction.

I’ll check with curve support.