Card rejected at Bureau de Change


Couple of years ago got 5% cashback on all contactless spend on my ME bank card - sadly was limited to use in Oz but was great there as contactless was so widely accepted.


For most Portuguese cards, using curve, while the underlying cards correctly see it as cash transactions, they nonetheless don’t charge any cash advance fees. The only exception is cards from bank CGD, which do charge cash advance.

I’ve specifically asked a credit card issuer why an ATM withdrawal with curve doesn’t trigger their cash advance fees and they said curve is already paying any ATM fees that may exist so it wouldn’t be fair for them to charge a fee for an expense they didn’t have. I agree with that assessment!

Also, the Cofidis card I mentioned doesn’t have cash advance or fx fees. It’s a great card to use anywhere in the world without any fees, even for cash withdrawals, while earning the 2% cashback. They use the MasterCard rate