Card images


hi there, I submitted some card images a couple of weeks ago. because the support told me that they will be updated every month, I was wondering if this is maybe currently on hold.
Especially Barclays could easily be updated by using the design they provide.

love the product and am looking forward to Amex support.


So did it work? Is it possible then to send pictures of our credit cards to customer support for them setting this images up in our app? It would be awesome :slight_smile: I have 5 out of 8 cards they are not “recognize” and the pictures I currently hold look very boring in the app…


@surfinwaikiki @didi I’ve normally waited 2-3 months until they were finally showing in the app.

You need to email a picture of the cards to indicating just the first 6 digits of each one.

I don’t get how can they take so long to include the new designs


Hi, yes they finally showed up two or three weeks before Christmas.


Can I use a screenshot of the cards from the issuer’s website, or do I take a picture of my personal card, blurring personal information?


I went overboard when i sent my last one; an image of my card (which wasn’t great TBH) with the number removed, an image from the bank website of an example card which was actually subtly different from my card, and because it was ridiculously complicated imagery also an image of the background itself. :joy: Give them as much to work with I say. But they ask for your card.


The reason they ask for the card, is curve actually make the designs in-house!

The more pictures you have, the better!


Yep the designs are well done - unfortunately can’t select them just now in beta, esp annoying as I know one of the ones they did from a custom submission I sent is on the system!


It’s letting me select on beta, I’m using iOS though…


Ah OK - has been broken on Android since the beginning, can’t change card name either.