Card billing address outside Europe - no longer supported?


Yes, that’s the exact problem.

As it stands right now, you can not add a credit card on Android if the billing address is outside Europe.


Also, residency is sufficient. It need not be “permanent residency”.

Quoth the terms:
*1.1.1 are a resident of one the eligible countries listed on the Curve App or on the Website;"


I’ve reported this as a bug, our Product team will look into it.


Which countries are you missing?

Cc: @RED @paulspenceley


All non European countries,

I’ve attached a screenshot.


Are there anyone in particular we should start out with? Please send me a PM if you’d prefer to not share the info on the public thread.


USA and Australia.



Thank you. The product team has been notified :slight_smile:


Can we also add Canada to the list? I think those 3 will be a good place to start.


@Curve_Marie Switzerland please :slight_smile:


Hey :slight_smile:

I’m working in Switzerland and therefore also have a Swiss credit card. It would be awesome if I could use it together with my Euro card in Curve. But unfortunately the Swiss card is not supported as of now.

Are there any plans to support Swiss cards in the future?


An update occurred which removed the option on Android. Let @Curve_Marie know that you would like Switzerland added back in and it should be added on.

The existing discussion is here: Card billing address outside Europe - no longer supported?


Is there any update on when this will be fixed @Curve_Marie ?


Not yet, but the bug has been documented in our system.


@Curve_Marie, if it’s going to be a while before it gets fixed, is there anyway you could release an old .apk file for the Curve software on android from before the Amex update? As that allowed cards with any billing address.

I’d be happy to take it without any support, just to get that functionality back, as it’s pretty essential for my usage.



Not possible. Once you’re account has been migrated to the new system you can’t revert if. When installing an old apk you won’t be able to login with Curve.