Car hire problem


We had a holiday in the States and went to collect our hire car which we had pre-booked from the UK. Unfortunately when they saw my Curve card I was told “we can’t accept that, it has to be a credit card”! Explaining that it linked to a credit card didn’t convince them. It looked as though we were going to be really stuck and have to wait until my daughter in law could get to us and use her credit card. Luckily the receptionist eventually relented and said “its against the rules but I’ll try your card” and it worked! So beware, in the USA hotels and car hire companies want something that says Credit Card!


I used for car rental in Japan. They accept anything with MasterCard, Visa or Amex on it. I guess as long as you can pay the bill. it’s all good. Which car hiring company u used in the States and where about.?


Enterprise, Newtown PA.


unfortunately the only way to hire a car in the US is to use a credit card. Debit or Prepaid cards doesn’t work.


But what I know they do accept debit cards too. Of caoz they prefer credit so they can holds your credit or funds. Though curve card can do it…too…which version of curve are u using the old one or the new one?


The New one! (As far as I understand) :grin: