Cannot add a Mastercard

Just recently I tried to add a Mastercard credit card as replacement for my expired card that was linked to Curve. Therefore you have to remove the expired card and add the new card. The new card has the same number, name and only a different expiry date and CVC code. Also it is a regular Mastercard credit card that was used with Curve all the time. However now I get a message that Curve does not support this type of credit card which makes it worthless of course. Hopefully Curve comes with a solution , I have informed them already. But maybe there are others having the same problem.

Others have had similar issues previously, worth contacting support.

Done that already and they will get back to me. I think though it has to do with the problems they have with Wirecard. It seems that all Curve Cards are temporarily suspended until they have fully migrated. Very bad of course. It means that basically you cannot rely on the product whereas I never experienced any problem with my regualar credit cards. Curve is convenient because I can use my regular credit card with apple pay through curve. The original Mastercard from ICS does not (yet) support apple pay.