Can you please update us on current status of announced features?

I hope you are right, again. :wink:

I have AmEx Platinum and Priority Pass comes with it. I have 2 cards and each card can have 2 people into a lounge for free. I travel through airports weekly.

That said, thanks to the increasing number of banks etc offering lounge access don’t think for a minute you will be able to walk up to a lounge, flash your card, pay your money and get in.

No, no, no. Thanks to the additional lounge cards out there and the number of pre-paid bookings and paid walk-ins lounges now take, you make only get into a lounge on 30-50% of the time especially in the UK with Manchester Airport being quite easily the worst. Even with the lounge only 20% full you may get refused due to pre-bookings.

If you do get in many times it’s quieter in the general airport area!

Lounges are not what they were so don’t hold your breath.


You can pre-book Number 1 Lounges for a fiver (Clubrooms for £15) then access free on the day with Priority Pass ensuring you can get in even if busy. These are the premium ones in the UK and used also by airlines without their own business/first class lounges. Aspire and Escape are a notch below and I haven’t found a way of pre-booking.

Today we’re celebrating 11-days birthday of the topic (or 7th, if you count only business days, or 6th, if counted from @Curve_Marie’s acknowledgment). And you’re still preparing the answers. For a week, for 7 questions… It’s the biggest time per question ratio in my life so far. Is communication within Curve really that badly built? I understand that you could be trying to carefully choose the right words now… but once again: at least you could update the roadmap. Or hide it from public, because it’s just misleading now.


Now this arriving today given we’re still awaiting answers seems either arrogant or foolhardy


Simplest thing would be to go to Curve in person :joy:

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My London office is only a few minutes walk from Curve’s…I’d be happy to pop in, check on things and report back if they want to engage with the community!


This is a kind and generous offer that Curve should accept immediately!

I await your report this evening :night_with_stars:

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I don’t remember agreed to have my info passed onto a third party platform and then send me a survey …

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Happy to have you over, Would you be able to make it over this week? :slight_smile:

The Product Roadmap will be after we’ve finalised the Lounge Key :slight_smile: Hiding it until it’s updated is a great idea - will get it done!

When working with third parties the communication needs to be aligned and approved before it’s rolled out. This always takes more than a week (up to 3 can be the standard) and we are doing everything we can to speed things up.

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Yeah, I totally understand this. Are you also working with third-parties to provide cashback or redesign the app? :slight_smile: I mean, I’ve raised few questions (8 in total, to be precise), and as for my suggestions you can answer for, like, 6 of them without relying on any third-parties (AXA is bad; Improved Curve Cashback; App redesign; Roadmap (which you’ve already kind’a covered); More funding sources instead of AmEx; Involving OpenSource community).
2 weeks just have passed away, and the only thing you’ve done — hid the roadmap.


I love how all your comments are incredibly polite, well thought and well written, but always incredibly precise and on point. I created an account just to say this, basically :slight_smile:

Also, I find it incredibly annoying that Curve keeps not answering to simple and easy questions and always tries to dodge or ignore valid points. I’d much, much rather have an honest but blunt reply instead of weeks of pointless, frustrating waiting. More than three weeks guys, c’mon…


Hang on so Amex axa and lounge key were all described as product features since the end of January. It’s now almost the end of may, surely almost 6 months is enough time to have liaised with your third party’s but another 3 weeks is now needed. So what we will get an update 7 months after the products launched?


Wow! I have to be honest I posted that more as a joke, certainly didn’t expect an invitation! Perhaps I should have included an emoji :joy: But it might be interesting to pop over - if you promise not to hurt me after all the negative stuff I post! :wink: Unfortunately my only London availability this week is Wednesday afternoon.


Indeed £15 per visit is quite fair and largely in line with the market rate I’d say. I only say £20 is pushing it because then you’re into the realms of what cards that include free visits charge, and verging on the sticker price for most lounges.

Hi Andrey,

Thanks for the feedback and the challenge. One of our Leadership Principles at Curve is Obligation to Dissent - we respectfully challange each other out of pure belief that it makes us better. Your post is right on the spot there.

So regarding the 4 items, I won’t be able to share much now, but wanted to give you comfort that they’re coming VERY SOON.
(1) Improved Cashback - next 2-3 weeks will be launched.

(2) New Curve App - we’ve started working on a new app which will allow us to accommodate all the upcoming product features. However instead of developing a whole app from scratch, we are taking a piece meal approach where we will update parts of the app. It’s a mid-term process, and you’re unlikely to see significant changes in the next couple of months. However, as we progress with the development, the more changes and faster iterations that you will experience. Would be helpful to understand though what are the most critical parts in the app experience (and which OS) you feel needs our attention. Perhaps an idea for a new subject on the community?

(3) Lounge Key - technically it’s live. But we’re testing it to ensure it’s working across the board, and as soon as we get comfortable that it’s working globally, we will announce it to our community. Give us a couple of weeks. If you’re happy to help us test it, and you’re planning a trip abroad in the next couple of weeks, then let us know.

(4) As mentioned in other groups in the community, we have started the work with our partners (Mastercard, GPS, Wirecard, and all leading xPays) to integrate with the xPays. As you imagine, it’s a complicated process between all parties, and there’s also a queue. So although the work had started, we are not in a position to give an estimate yet. We want to be able to launch it by Q3, however it is not confirmed yet, and we have little means of influencing the timeline. Good news though - it’s amongst our highest priorities, and we plan to have it this year.

Hope it clarified some of your questions. Thanks again for being amongst our early adopters, and for all the support and love.

Until next time.


Thank you for the update!

Thank you! Basically you just saying us to keep waiting for kind’a undefined amount of time, but it’s an update, you’re here, you’ve shown the awareness. Thank you again. I hope somebody will answer me for other questions any time soon :slight_smile:

One more thing though… the topic itself — is a question. You’re doing a great job (I mean all of you, Team Curve), somewhere under the hood. You’re announcing interesting features and then keeping mum about their future. Would it be possible for you to keep us regularly updated? Just write every month a tiny digest with a list of features you’ve working on, describe the progress, maybe tell us about unexpected problems. I thing that without those updates your announcements simply would cost nothing.