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Hello guys :slight_smile:
The curve widget disappeared in my iPhone after updating the new curve app. It is this a mistake, is this only me, or a function it is gonna be removed for good?
It was very useful for me… @Curve_Marie could you please provide some info about it?
Many thanks :wink:


The widget wasn’t working as designed anymore, so we have removed it for now. If we get enough feedback about users missing the widget we will consider revamping it.

You can cast your vote here: iOS widget and app ideas/improvements :slight_smile:


Ok, thank you for the answer, and I’ve submitted my vote now :wink:


I claim copyright on this post :smiley:


As you should :smiley: My “copy and paste” game was strong with that one.


In the Beta App… the card display is only showing one way… horizontal. Is the card view in small mini icons going to added back in, or is this the permanent view?



Hi, I am missing “carrousel” view, thus I cannot sort card in the wallet my way and card order is different after upgrade. Curve rewards “card” is “Temporary unavailable”. I have the previous Beta reward programm.
Also I got email from Curve today that I can opt for Metal card as a Beta member, but it only opens Curve app in Appstore. I know that as a non-UK member I cannot order Metal but its quite confusing.


Yeah, the grid was removed. If you want to get it back, feel free to create a feature topic that people can vote on.


I do not need “grid” view but sorting the cards is quite essential, especially when the order changed during upgrade.


For amex transactions, there is currently no option to send a one-off email receipt like there is for Visa/Mastercard transactions. This is useful, will it be made available for Amex transactions?


Thanks for the feedback, I forward it to our product team.


This feature has been removed in this release, again feel free to create a feature topic that you and others can vote on.


Widget was fine, you know immediately which card is chosen w/o the need opening the app.


Post created to vote for the return of grid view:


Issue with AMEX transactions… Topped up my Amex with £500. Transaction was made today for £487. On the app it states I have £13 left but ti doesn’t actually show the transaction made, the company or the price. Is this a glitch?


If we were/are using the Beta at the moment should we replace this with the version in the AppStore?



AXA Terms and Conditions in the app are not the final version that has been distributed in emails


@Curve_Marie. Hi Marie… Sorry , this topic was opened in the wrong section. i’ll delete it from the wrong section and i send it here to you…
after fixing the problem with my “mail client” on my mobile phone, i found immediately the mail with the magic link and all is fine.:slight_smile:
But…But…when i swipe the cards , all recent transactions are listed just under the cards. That’s ok. But if i swipe till the rewards curve card, and i go back to my other cards, all recent transactions are deleted from the lists !..
And nothing re-appears before 15 minutes at least…


Hey @Patrick_BB,

could you give a bit more information?

If you can include:

  • A screenshot and short description
  • Details on how we can reproduce it
  • Which OS, device and app version you have