Bug Report - Android 2.13.1

New beta version bug posts here…

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In the transfer screen, after selecting my card to send money to, when pressing Transfer, sometimes it fails asking me to select a card first. After a few tries, it worked

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I have passed your feedback on to the P2P team, thanks for flagging this.

Could you please let me know which device and OS you are using?

Samsung galaxy a5 2016 with LineageOS/Android 9

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Thanks @alex.1137ferreira!

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So the passcode bug from a previous version seems to have been resolved for me, but every time I try and use Curve Send I get an error saying “Something’s Gone Wrong.” - anyone else seeing this?

The only time I received the message “Something’s Gone Wrong.” was when I (as a test) tried to send money to myself (my own mobile number).

Ah OK, thanks - that’s precisely what I was trying to do to test it :smiley: Perhaps the error could be finessed to make this clear? :wink: