Bringing Amex Back to Curve


The reference to Amex card is still alive inside the mobile app when trying to add a new card.
( The little line saying add your MC, Visa or American express ). Will you remove it , or is it a link for hope ? :slight_smile:thanx. Pat



Yes, we will update the app and remove it.



@Curve_Marie thanx Marie ! I do have another question : Many months ago i have sent to the team a picture of my N26 black metal card, to integer it inside the app…the response was the card will be available for the next update(s).
But not yet.
Is it possible to expect it in a near future ? Pat.



I have sent also 3 more pictures one month ago and still nothing … I was told by another user that he had to wait a lot but finally he got the images. so maybe is just a question of waiting longer ¿? I thought also to write customer support, but I am aware they are extremely busy now, so it won’t help anyone right now…



In the past when I’ve sent card images in it’s taken anywhere from 1-3 months for them to be added. At the moment the latest version of the Android app doesn’t even load card image options anyway :man_shrugging:

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Yes, i agree the team is busy around some cruel questions .
It’s not really a probl to use the card, but we like finding our real cards when swiping in the app…

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@Curve_Marie please please please, if AMEX isn’t a feature of curve, remove the references to it on the website…

P.s. is AMEX ever coming back?!



I upgraded to Metal at the first opportunity to get unlimited Amex limits. I am currently weighing up whether to keep the metal card or go back to Blue. I have about 2 and a half more weeks until the end of my cooling off period. Can anyone at Curve give us an indication as to whether there is a chance of Amex coming back and what sort of time frames we might be looking at? As my primary card, I can justify the expense of Metal, without Amex, I can’t.



Curve themselves do not know at this point. It’s up to Amex to agree terms with Curve.



Curve: Some of your cards in one…

It took about 2 years for Amex to be brought back for 36 hours. Could be a long wait @martinegtk - why not downgrade now? You can always upgrade again if Amex comes back



I have the same too. However my available balance is still showing the charges (even with pending disappeared).

I asked AMEX, they simply said it’s on Curve to debit the charges not them.

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Is there any update on this?

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@o99 @markjm58 @maxthetenor

My Amex was charged this morning (transaction date is listed as back when it was first authorised). Looks like Curve is working through those transactions that got “stuck” as we speak.



Great! Just checked mine too and the same has happened. Thanks!



Thanks for posting. Just checked and same has happened for me.



Yep, mine have all processed now.



Still not time frame for the proper come back?



Can any reassurance be provide about what the future holds, without or without amex.?

I have taken metal from Classic on the back of Amex, but if thats not going to happen there isn’t the same value in the subscription, which remains unchanged since Amex withdrew.



Thanks for posting this. I had stopped checking after it dropped off from pending. Thanks to this post I’ve looked back and the transaction is now there on the original date. That’s a concern off my shoulders. Now I’ll I’ll go buy an Amazon top up with the tiny bit that’s left in my wallet and that’ll be that closed.

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Thanks for a interesting read. To me it looks like the reason why Amex wouldn´t want to work using Curve is that they see their cards as a marketing tool and that people waiving around a Curve card would steal their thunder out in public.

Which of course is stupid as I have been an AMEX user for years and now thanks to Curve use my AMEX less and less.