Bringing Amex Back to Curve



Is this not something that Curve could implement on their systems based on the BIN of the card in the same way they use the BIN to restrict it to UK issued cards?


Nope, it will violate merchant agreements - selective preference is not allowed.

It will be same as a retail store , say waitrose banning curve but taking other mastercards.


is not just a piece of metal - Metal cards have associated benefits that black cards dont have
i might be wrong but from experience when i downgraded my platinum amex to green one - they sent me new card - even tho it had the same number - because they said - i could use my platinum to gain access to lounges etc where all you need to do is flash your platinum card
whilst this sounds anecdotic - i do understand it - is possible the metal cards have a specific serial that allows their system to differentiate between tiers and benefits - hence the need to receive a new card - and why would they send you a metal card - you dont trust or believe in them to support them, you’re only here for amex etc - then go be with AMEX :slight_smile:


so basically you just start putting all your card expenses on Amex? have you used your non amex cards at all - you can see where fair use policy is becoming an issue
as in individual we think is ok to do it - but once all individuals starts doing it - some people out there at amex will start to raise eyebrows


I can’t believe that the website STILL shows Amex functionality for the new subscriptions, why can’t this company address issues like this?


Is the banner not visible?


It is :blush:


Good :smiley: Thanks @poeliev!


So of course you kept hold of said platinum card right so you could still just still flash it it at the lounge? :wink:


Why not remove Amex from the features and benefits?


Why? If the shops had accepted Amex in the first place I’d have been using it already? What’s the difference? I don’t see where fair use comes into it at all? If I only have a mastercard I only use a MasterCard. If all shops took Amex I would only use Amex. In essence Amex is now getting the spend from me that they couldn’t before. It’s still the same spending I would have done, only now applied to one card rather than split over 2 or 3. Yes, a few things still went through my other Mastercard while my OH had the only Curve with Amex ability, either on it’s own or through my Curve, but what does that have to do with anything. My spending pattern didn’t change (except the few US transactions that would have happened at exactly the same time because of our planned holiday).

And it’s all paid off every month, so I really don’t understand your point?


Very fair point but if you think about it, if there isn’t a way do disable the benefits from the card, then wether they give you a new card or not won’t make much of a difference unless you have to send back the old one


It’s a shame what’s happened, but it sounds like there was never board level approval at Amex for this. I work in sales for a fintech and the fact that Curve were moving ahead with only speaking with the European Head of Merchant Services / Leadership team is a warning bell. Did ‘Leadership Team’ engagement include anyone from Amex HQ in the US? Did Curve confirm that the leadership team / Head of MS had C-level buy-in for the model? Sounds like a no. Unfortnately this happens very often in dealing with Global financial institutions.

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Hey @Curve_Marie the terms of ending the metal subscription say a charge (£50) will be made for providing the metal card. Am I correct in assuming that only applies post cooling off period (including the extension)?


Amex, according to Curve, legally, has no say in the matter, so whatever amex US knew or not is irrelevant.


Blame the frequent flyer bloggers for encouraging this. Curve should’ve been aware that people were recycling money to generate expenditure and subsequent points, avios, etc.


How does curve facilitate cash recycling? Paying regular expenses you would normally not be able to pay with amex is perfectly legitimate. Cash recycling is moving the money in a manufactured transaction only to generate rewards and then using that same money to pay back the card


Using the wallet to pay their credit card (a certain hotel branded one) whilst also earning amex points, then charging a money transfer service “purchase” to that credit card via Curve to get hotel points? Frequent Flyer bloggers only care about their sign-up commission for credit cards. As soon as I saw their promotions of the amex features in Curve, I knew this was doomed.


I seem to recall when Curve first came out the ability to use the card to withdraw money from a credit card was mentioned. This always seemed irresponsible to me although caps were brought in to control this.


@megamaster Just because that is Curve’s case (and it is not as if it has formally plead it in proceedings anyway) does not mean it is right, does it? I suspect that Amex has one or two in-house lawyers and external counsel on retainer, so it seems quite a step to assert that anything contrary to Curve’s own views is “irrelevant”, no?