Bringing Amex Back to Curve



At Curve, we value you as our customer. If the current lack of Amex support is important to you and you want to cancel your subscription:

  • You have a 14-day “cooling-off” period as provided by law;
  • On top of this, Curve is giving you more time to decide: 14 extra days of cooling-off period. We want you to properly try Curve Metal, enjoy its many benefits and see how it looks in your wallet.

The above extension applies to both monthly and annual subscriptions. Please note that if your subscription is cancelled, your Curve Metal card will be blocked and no longer usable.

I am slightly disappointed with this. I hoped Curve would have allowed users to keep metal after cancelling, and after paying the annual fee of £150.

However, if I decide to cancel during cooling off period, can you confirm I can go back to Legacy Black? The biggest factor in signing up to Metal was Amex support @Curve_Marie


We don’t. There is a process in place to add prepaid cards. Just contact us and let us know what the BIN of the card is.


That’s an average of £2000 per user - I wouldn’t call that excessive or strange. Plus, I think that figure only represents what was loaded onto the wallet. You would naturally load more than you intend to spend, I suspect - to avoid the hassle of having to hurriedly top-up when scrambling to pay for something at a till.*

*Don’t quote me on this - just my personal preference


Tought with PSD2 those kind of “discounts” depending on payment method used were not allowed. Here in Portugal they aren’t and even before PSD2 the existing law didn’t allow it either.


Never knew this. Thanks - so any BIN can be added ?


Exactly what I think. We have many Curve users with commercial cards who use their cards up to the daily limit since you have many expenses when running a business, even if its a small business like mine.


When PSD2 was launched, I asked a few lawyers and read many German lawy blogs. All said the same exact thing. As a merchant (by German and EU law) you are allowed to offer a discount for a payment method if its really cheaper for you but the discount must match 100% the fee you save.
Which if course is not what merchants do, but does the average joe really want to sue a company like edreams/opodo over a 50€ for a 200€ ticket?


Fingers Crossed, thanks for the update.


Metal cancellation situation needs to be confirmed for legacy black cardholders asap


The whole point, to me, of using Amex with Curve is to allow me to use my Amex in places that don’t take it.

Some bill providers (e.g. EDF) allow you to pay using Amex directly. Others don’t. I paid the remainder of my 2018-19 Council Tax off as soon as I got access to the Curve Amex Beta. Why? Because the cashback is more than paying by Direct Debit. They take Debit cards and I can’t see why Amex would take offence to paying a legitimate bill.

Those who are paying Credit Cards with an Amex, or cash recycling (e.g. paying to Revolut / Starling etc.) in order to get the cash (which is then used to repay Amex) and the points/avios/cashback it entails are the bad apples and should be banned (by both Curve & Amex).


Interesting. When I asked customer service a while ago, they said new ones couldn’t be added. Also, the curve FAQ states:

We aren’t supporting prepaid cards as standard. At the moment, we allow Osper, Monzo, N26, Revolut, Tide, Monese, Loot and Qonto.

Though to be fair, it does seem that the FAQ is very out of date, as it still thinks that Monzo and N26 are prepaid cards.


i dont know why people think they should be entitled to keep a metal card but be on an inferior tier?
i get that is disappointing what happened with Amex but they’re giving everyone a choice - stay, downgrade and leave
if they let you keep the metal card (just to mention the metal card as a card is probably more expensive to make but is more of a vanity thing - its generally a premium card) but be on the lower tier - whilst i decide to remain on the higher tier - wouldnt that be unfair to me and the others who decided to remain loyal??
feels like a pretty fair choice - you cant have both
you can always get a metal card with Amex if you get a platinum card and are based in US or get invited to Centurion - or other metal cards around - if metal is the big motivator


I understand your point. It just seems like a massive waste of money to produce the metal cards, send them out and then to block them and produce and send out a plastic card again!

This is an unusual and unforeseen situation.

As a one off, people who signed up for metal but want to cancel since Amex support is now gone, allow users to “buy” their metal cards. In the long run, it will be an extreme minority of users who had the option to buy their metal cards.


Yeah, what a waste of resources for Curve if they deactivate the metal card, and have to create a new card to send out.


How would it be unfair? The metal card is a perk from paying a higher subscription fee. It the card was already issued and paid for, why not keep it? If anything charge a fee when downgrading if you didn’t subscribe for long enough to pay for the cost of the card


But is it odd? That’s only 2k per person. That average may be a little high, but it’s not hugely out of the realm of possibility.

My OH was in the Beta from the beginning and probably did about £1000. Some of it was international spend, buying some things in the US to ship to friends there to hold until we get there next month. Some of it was his coffees and drive through while on duty at places that don’t accept Amex. We used curve and Amex where normally we’d have used something else. None of our purchases were anything other than what we would have put through another card with normal use.

I was in the last wave of Beta and still managed to spend about £300 in those 3 days. Vet fees for the dogs (they don’t take Amex, so that’s a main reason I’d like the functionality) and a couple more US purchases. Extrapolate that into a month and I could have hit 1-2k. In fact we were planning to use it in the States next month for all our spending and that would probably be 2k in 10 days.

So while it sounds like a lot, it’s not as much as you may think.

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Given that co-branded Amex cards are capped at the same 0.3% fee that applies to Visa & MasterCard, maybe Curve should have restricted their support for Amex to those cards and offered it fee-free using the same model as that for Visa/MC. They could then have rolled out support for Amex issued cards at a later date as part of a subscription model?


I’m not sure you are allowed to say “I only accept co-brand Amex cards”. I suspect the merchant agreement would ensure you either accept all the Amex cards, or you won’t accept them at all.


Yeah - it would only need to be limited to those who signed up before the Amex no longer working email the other day.
Alternatively I’d still consider keeping subscription if they improved some other perks to compensate.