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In case anyone wanted to know about my Amex block situation due to Curve transactions a few posts up…

After being told that my card was blocked until at least “the next billing cycle”, I had a call this morning from fraud prevention (a few days after the transaction posting) asking me about my Curve transactions, what it was for, did I make it etc. They stated my card would be unblocked. It never was (it let a few ~£1 transactions through but blocked anything larger)…

Got a call this evening (around 30mins ago, surprised they are doing outbound calls at ~20.30!) stating it was due to an error which happened over the weekend. She promised to speak with the relevant team tomorrow and unblock my card! :slightly_smiling_face: She also credited my account with 1000 MP to cover the downtime.

Hopefully, back to Amex spending (and via Curve) tomorrow!


That’s great to hear and sounds a lot more like the Amex I know!
One of the many reason I stick with Amex and give them 450£ each year for the Platinum card is the excellent customer service they provide in all circumstances.


@Curve_Marie, just a quick question. I understand in the beta, we can’t pay with our Curve Rewards, but we’re still able to earn them. The Curve rewards scheme is for your first 3 months, what if the 3 months run out on the beta? will we loose all the points we’ve earned?


me to. tax bill to pay. daily limit increase would also be beneficial


You’ll keep all your points :slight_smile:


There’s a group for everyone involved. I’ll identify and add everyone that have participated in the conversations so far and are confirmed Beta testers.

Join to continue the discussion about Curve Amex Beta testing on Android and iOS. The existing threads will be moved over as a whole, with the same headline.

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