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Amex have locked my account today citing too much unusual spend. Given I just put almost £3k onto Curve (Part paid it towards a new car!), it seems that the Curve transactions have caused them to lock my account.

Apparently I cannot expect to use my Amex card again for at least a couple of weeks…

@Curve_Marie, are AMEX aware of this trial as it’s caused my card to be locked…?


And a call to the customer services didn’t solve the problem? I’m sure that once you explain them that this unusual behaviour comes from you they would unlock it.
Amex security is pretty good but you can understand that such behaviour would look highly suspicious from an AI perspective. Also I assume you don’t have that much history with them so it doesn’t help.
Also at the beginning with amex I had to make regular payments to keep the balance low enough to keep spending.



That’s annoying! Although if I recall, you mention that you and your partner were planning on putting the best part of £12k through curve > Amex?

Is this in line with your usual Amex spend pattern? If not, you can kind of understand it, no?


We will speak with Amex, but as with any other debit/credit cards, if they see abnormally large transactions, their fraud protection kicks in. In the case of a car purchase, it is probably too much money coming out of your account compared to your usual spending profile.



Correct, only 2.5 months and apparently I need to have at least 3 months before they act swiftly on something like this.

Yes, I’ve been given a tiny £1.5k limit (which is many times lower than my largest limit elsewhere). I regularly pay during the month to avoid going over the limit.


That was the plan. I rang Amex to check (due to said low limit) to confirm I could actually topup, pay off, topup, payoff etc. They said I can pay off a transaction as soon as it posts. Yesterdays large Curve transaction posted this morning, so I zero’d it and did Curve again.

I understand why they locked it, but to refuse to let me use the card, even though there is plenty of limit left etc. They said, it should be active again on my next billing cycle (10th Dec) which means I will miss most of small shop :frowning:

In the end we put £2.7k via my Curve (Amex), £1k via my Curve (BC Rewards), £3.7k via my wifes Curve (Aqua Rewards) + £4.1k Tesco Debit Card.


thanks! I’m aware of that, but if it was simple fraud protection, they should have just re-activated it… Large transactions to Curve could be seen as attempts to get Cash Advances (in a similar fashion to how you could use PayPal to do the same thing), which I expect they are thinking (it wasn’t, as you can see from my transaction history!) as I’ve not made large consecutive purchases over two days previously.


Agree that is unusual for Amex to just stop you using the card once fraud checks etc, have completed.

Glad you managed to make the purchase anyway. Enjoy the car!


Hi mine also has a wrong card logo which can’t be changed for some reason in the app card information, change card image not working.


I’m still very perplex the account would remain blocked till the end of the billing period. Try calling again from Monday. The famous HUCA (hang up and call again) sometimes do miracles.


Ha, I will try on Monday. I did say “formal complaint” over the phone (I was annoyed as I had waited on hold 30 mins because Direct Line failed to charge my Amex for swapping insurance over due to being declined) so there is a record of me being annoyed.

I’ll zero the account account out once possible (ie. when things post, even if a few hundred is available and not working,).

That should help, but it’s kind of strange.

The only reason I would envisage them keeping the account blocked is:

  • They gave me a small limit and, despite paying it off, they are not prepared to risk me actually not being able to fund my “obscene spending” (as it’s spending way above normal, compared to previous Amex spending) even if I continually pay off said spending.

With any luck, my formal complaint and the fact I’ll pay everything off will help!!! The main annoyance is (while I wait) potentially missing Small Shop. Got a spreadsheet ready with local restaurants and all :frowning:


Did you get an answer to the question of whether the £1000 limit is per calendar month or rolling 30 day period?


Per rolling period, just like other spend targets - a few of us have pointed out the Curve limits page could do with being updated to add this in.


No. I’ve not heard or had a response yet?



Yes, it’s further up :slight_smile: In the same post, you can find answers to most of the questions that have been posted above it. There are some questions I need to double check and/or investigate and I’ll update the post accordingly. Let’s see if this approach will help navigate the thread.


If you spend more than what’s in the wallet, the transaction will be declined. You should receive a message before your wallet is empty with a reminder to top-up.

Beta testing is not the most elegant experience, we understand if you wish to opt-out. Sorry to read that you did not receive the email, we will find out what exactly happened to avoid that in the future.

We decided to go with the top-up model based on our conversations with Amex. We have not worked around them, we are in close conversations with them to provide the Amex feature :slight_smile:

Could you check and let us know if your BIN number is listed here? Which American Express cards can I add to Curve?

It is not register as a quasi-cash or similar transaction. The Merchant Category Code used is 8999 - “Professional Services (Not Elsewhere Defined)”.


I know we are limited to only one Amex card in total, but is it possible to remove one Amex card and then add a different one? (once the wallet balance has been spent down to zero of course)


Just had a decline saying daily limit exceeded, despite being £300 under the limit :frowning:


Two of my active debit cards came up as “Unverified” - an old card came up too but seems to have gone with the 2.03 update - the active ones remain unverified

When I choose verify no code comes out on my online accounts - been two days now

What to do:

Try and add them again?
Remove and add again?

anyone else had the same issue?


Yeah, my Santander debit card became unverified. I just clicked “verify” and then went through the process. It took a few days for the code to come through.

The Beta limitations mean you can’t remove a card, so I would just wait another day and if no code turns up, report it to CS (but be prepared to wait through the backlog!)


@paulj Ah I just read the small print that it could take up to 5 days to appear for debit cards, not an issue as have the amex to use now but as I added the Amex ok and that charge came up instantly - I assumed it would be the same for the other cards

UPDATE: just had the code come in and re-activated one card - other card still pending as no code come yet for it

UPDATE 2: Second Card code came through (same bank two days apart - weird) all ok for now

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